Genshin Impact Genius Invokation TCG: Release Date, Cards, Rules & Characters

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During the Genshin Impact, 3.1 Livestream Hoyoverse revealed some major upcoming projects coming to the game.

It seems Genshin Impact is being animated by Ufotable, the Japanese studio known most as the creator of the Demon Slayer anime.

Additionally, travelers are getting the long-awaited new end-game content, in the form of a TCG that will include PVP play.

Genius Invokation will be a new TCG in Genshin Impact that will be a permanent game mode.

Here is everything we know about it so far, from its release date to its rules and gameplay.

Genius Invokation Release Date

According to the Developers, the Genshin Impact Genius Invokation will be released during the Genshin Impact 3.3 update which will go live on December 7, 2022.

Genius Invokation will start with 220 cards with 25 character cards and bosses, creatures, and NPCs rounding out the rest.

Genius Invokation Poster in Genshin Impact
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Genius Invokation TCG is the new Permanent Gameplay coming in Genshin Impact 3.3

Genshin Impact Genius Invokation Details

Genius Invokation is a trading card game (TCG) based on the card game played in the Sumeru Region. The game was invented by researchers from the Akademiya.

In Genshin Impact, Liben, the merchant, was commissioned to bring the game to Yae Publishing House in Inazuma. Since then the game has become very popular in Teyvat.

Genius Invokation Gameplay & Rules

  • All the cards in Genius Invokation will be obtained by playing the new Genshin Impact mode.
  • We can play friendly PvP matches in Genius Invokation, however, there are no rewards for these matches.
  • To obtain cards players must play against other players or NPCs like Katheryne from the Adventurer's Guild.
  • The game starts with both sides drawing 5 cards. You then switch out any number of your cards in your hand and choose one character as your active card.
  • Character cards can be leveled up as the game goes on.

The game will also come with ascension challenges and weekly challenges to obtain more rewards in the end.

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