Genshin Impact 3.3 Banner Leaks - Scaramouche, Itto, Raiden Shogun, Faruzan & More

We are waiting with high expectations for the release of the new playable Fatui Harbinger in Genshin Impact 3.3, Scaramouche, since his official introduction by the Genshin Impact Twitter account.

Additionally, recent leaks from data miners have given us a look at what characters will make up the upcoming Genshin Impact 3.3 banners.

Here's everything that's been reported about the next banner from the latest round of Genshin Impact 3.3 leaks.

Genshin Impact 3.3 Release Date

First, we'll start with the Genshin Impact 3.3 release date, which will bring the first round of character banners to the game on December 7th, 2022.

According to the leaks, Scaramouche will be featured in the first half along with the other new character in this update, Faruzan, the 4-star Anemo Support.

Genshin Impact 3.2 second phase will then go live on December 23th if there are no changes in the current schedule.

Genshin Impact 3.3 Banner Characters (Reruns)

Genshin Impact 3.3 will reportedly have two 5-star reruns along with Scaramouche, Arataki Itto, and Raiden Shogun.

Arataki Itto

  • Rarity: 5 stars
  • Vision: Geo
  • Weapon: Claymore
  • Who is Arataki Itto
    • Itto is the bad boy from Inazuma, he is an Oni that is always looking for trouble along with the Arataki Gang.
  • Arataki Itto in Combat
    • Itto is a very strong DPS, who will shine best alongside other Geo characters.
    • Similar to other Inzauma characters he enters a special instance in which all Arataki attacks will be enhanced.
  • Viability
    • Despite the Geo element having no interaction with the brand new Dendro Element, Itto with a mono Geo team is still an excellent combination in Genshin Impact.

Raiden Shogun

  • Rarity: 5 stars
  • Vision: Electro
  • Weapon: Polearm
  • Who is Raiden Shogun
    • Raiden Shogun is the human vessel of the Electro Archon the ruler of Inazuma.
    • Created as a puppet to use the Gnosis while the Electro God pursued eternity, Raiden Shogun is a strong and strict ruler.
      • Curiously the Raiden Shogun was created in the same way as Scaramouche.
  • Raiden Shogun in Combat
    • As the best battery in the game, Raiden Shogun will increase the generation of energy particles for any team.
    • With her second Constellation, Raiden Shogun becomes one of the best DPS in the game, competing with 5-stars characters with their sixth constellations.
  • Viability
    • Dendro reactions buff the Electo element massively, and the Raiden Shogun is no exception.
    • We really recommend using your Primogems in her upcoming banner, as Raiden Shogun is simply one of the most important characters in the game.

Scaramouche (Wanderer) Abilities and Weapons

Scaramouche as a playable character will be known as the Wanderer. He will be a 5-star Catalyst character with an Anemo Vision.

According to leaks from the beta version, the Wanderer (Scaramouche) will have unique abilities, like levitation powers:

  • Elemental Skill
    • Scaramouche will concentrate the power of Dendro, producing an AoE attack and levitating.
    • While Levitating, the Wanderer will receive a boost to Normal & Charged attacks.
      • During levitation, Charged Attacks will not consume Stamina
    • He will have a bar of energy that keeps him in the air.
Scaramouche Elemental Burst
expand image
Elemental Burst Animation of the Wanderer (Scaramouche) in Genshin Impact
  • Elemental Burst
    • Scaramouche creates a vacuum that will create multiple instances of AoE Anemo Damage.
    • Using the elemental burst will end the levitation state.

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