Genshin Impact 3.1 Mika Leaks: Vision, Character Design, & Release Date

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In Genshin Impact 3.1, we are returning to Mondstad for the Weinlesefest (Wine Festival). This event will mark the Second Anniversary celebration for Genshin Impact in-game.

With many guests appearing for this celebration, data miners have found files of a short male character we haven't met yet.

Under the name of Mika, this young boy is part of the Reconnaissance Company of the Knights of Favonius, the team that Eula leads.

Since then, we have collected all the leaks and pieces of information trying to explain who Mika is and what his role could be in Genshin's impact.

Genshin Impact Mika Release Date

According to leaks, Mika will play an essential role in the Main Event of Genshin Impact 3.1, which is expected to arrive on September 28th, but only as an NPC.

However, we believe it's possible that Mika becomes playable next year, as a long list of characters that are waiting to be released.

Weapon and Vision

According to leaks, Mika carries a Cryo vision like Kaeya and Eula, explaining his close connection with these two Favonius knights.

Mika uses a Polearm in combat, but we don't know if he will be a 4-star or 5-star. However, the new Free Polearm, Shifting Windblade, seems inspired by Mika's design.

Character Design

Based on the description extracted from leaks, the artist Mikabrainrot has published some depictions of Mika that, according to Data Miners, look very similar to the possible character design.

Mika is a very shy Cartographer. He is described as a short male with European features, blue eyes, and messy blonde hair, similar to Albedo.

His attire resembles Eula's, as this is an official uniform of the Knights of Favonius Company, featuring a long-sleeved navy blue coat and formal grey shorts. Mika wears a tie like Eula but is pale and yellow, maybe marking the difference in their ranks.

New Genshin Impact Character from Mondstadt
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Chibi version of Mika. New Genshin Impact Character from Mondstadt

As it happened before, the community is going nuts about Mika, speculating about his abilities and looks.

Fortunately, we won't have to wait long as Weinselefest is coming on Genshin Impact 3.1, which is expected to go live on September 28th.

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