*UPDATED* Genshin Impact 2.3: All New Weapons & Artifacts Revealed

The Genshin Impact 2.3 update is just around the corner, and with it comes some incredible new weapons and artifacts!

The upcoming chapter will take action back to Dragonspine, and it will be colored with the gold of the Geo Element.

Here is everything you need to know about new weapons, artifacts, and world items on their way in Genshin Impact 2.3.

Release Time

Genshin Impact Update 2.3 will go live at 11 am, server time on Wednesday, November 24.

  • The server's maintenance takes around five hours, with players being compensated 300 Primogems for the downtime.

Genshin Impact 2.3 Weapons

This patch will focus on Defense Stats. New weapons, passive and secondary, are multiplied on Defense.

In addition, a new artifact set boosts characters' Defense, and even the new character, Arataki Itto's damage will increase based on his Defense.

New Weapons

Genshin Impact 2.3 Livestream confirmed the introduction of two new weapons.

Passive Name
Passive Effect R5
Redhorn Stonethresher
Crit DMG
Gokadaiou Otogibanashi
DEF is increased by 40% Normal and Charged Attack DMG is increased by 56% of DEF
Cinnabar Spindle
Spotless Heart
Elemental Skill DMG is increased by 80% of base DEF. This effect last 0.1s after and enter in a 1.5s Cooldown
  • Redhorn Stonethresher 5-star Claymore
    • The weapon is a red and silver Nodachi that resembles the Inazuma weapons but with Pyro motives.
    • The Claymore will reward building tanky characters with an extensive boost based on Defense.
    • Best for Noelle and Arataki Itto
Cinnabar Spindle in Genshin Impact
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Cinnabar is a Free to Play Weapon

The Cinnabar Spindle is going to be the reward of the event Shadow Amidst Snowstorms. Players will also get the refinement materials called: Alkahest.

  • Cinnabar Spindle, 4-star Sword
  • This sword is Blue and Golden with a shiny ore in the middle, and it looks like a Tailor-Made weapon for Albedo. (Another hint for his possible rerun)
  • The weapon is suitable for supporting heroes that depend on Elemental Skills.
    • Best for Albedo and Bennet
Weapon Banner in Genshin Impact 2.3
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Freedom Sworn and Song of Broken Pines first 5-star weapons

First Weapon Banner

The first Weapon Banner for Genshin Impact 2.3 will be released on November 24, as well. This includes the re-run of two 5-star weapons.

Passive (R5)
Song of Broken Pines
Physical DMG
Increases the wielder’s ATK. When Normal or Charged Attacks hit opponents, the character gains a Sigil of Whispers (once every 0.3s). When you reach 4 Sigils, all will be consumed and all nearby party members will get increased Normal ATK SPD and ATK for 12s. Once this triggers, you gain no Sigils for 20s. Buffs of the same type won’t stack.
Elemental Masterya
Increases DMG by 20%. When the character triggers Elemental Reactions, they gain a Sigil of Rebellion, every 0.3s. When you reach 4 Sigils, all will be consumed and all nearby party members will get increased Normal, Charged, and Plunging Attack DMG by 32% and increases ATK by 40%. Once this triggers, you gain no Sigils for 20s. Buffs of the same type won’t stack
  • Song of Broken Pines is a mighty Claymore that benefits characters' physical DMG.
    • Best for Eula, Razor.
  • Freedom-Sworn is a sword that benefits Elemental Mastery users, not very viable with the current characters.
    • Best for Kazuha, Albedo.

The Weapon banner will include the following 4-star weapons:

  • Dragon's Bane (Polearm)
  • Sacrificial Greatsword (Claymore)
  • Wine and Song (Catalyst)
  • Lion's Roar (Sword)
  • Alley Hunter (Bow)

Second Weapon Banner

There is no information regarding the second Weapon, Banner. However, we know that the Redhorn Stonethresher will be the 5-star weapon.

New Weapons Ascencion Materials

For leveling up the Cinnabar Spindle, players need to farm.

  • Decarabians from the Domain: Cecilia Garden
    • Available on: Monday, Thursday, and Sunday.
  • Components from Ruin Guards: Chaos Device, Chaos Core, Chaos Circuit
  • Masks obtained from all the types of Hillichurls

For leveling up the Redhorn Stonethresher, players need to farm.

  • Narukamis from the Domain: Court of Flowing Sand Domain.
    • Available on: Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday.
  • Concealed Materials from the Rifsthounds (new enemies)
  • Handguards obtained from the Nobushi and Kairaki in Inazuma

New Artifacts

There will be a new domain in Genshin Impact 2.3. This new domain will be located on Serai Island.

Players will be able to get two new Artifacts Sets.

  • Husk of Opulent Dreams:
    • 2 pieces passive: DEF +30%
    • 4 pieces passive: The on-field character's Geo damage grants +6% DEF and +6 Geo damage, up to one stack every 0.3s for max 4 stacks.
    • Geo DMG off-field gained one stack every 3s. The stacks get lost after 6s of no more stacks accumulation.
    • This artifact set seems to fit very well with Arataki Itto, Albedo, Noelle.
New Artifact Sets: Husk of Opulent Dreams and  Ocean-Hued Clam in Genshin Impact
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New Artifact Sets: Husk of Opulent Dreams and Ocean-Hued Clam
  • Ocean-Hued Claim
    • 2 pieces passive: Healing Bonus 15%
    • 4 pieces passive: Healing Effect Generates a Healing Bubble, once every 3.5s. Healing Bubbles will accumulate Stacked Healing (SH) as characters get healed.
    • Healing Bubbles burst after 3s, healing nearby characters (50% of SH), and damaging nearby enemies (90% of SH)
    • The looks and stats of this set look tailor-made for Kokomi.

New Gadgets and Devices

It seems Genshin Impact 2.3 is going to continue improving the Serenitea Pot. We are transporting new world elements in our Realm.

Omni Ubiquity Net

  • New Gadget will allow players to catch particular wild creatures to replicate a copy of them in your Serenitea pot.
  • Players will obtain the Omni Ubiquity Net from the event Bantan Sango Case Files: The Warrior Dog.
  • You can get the Wild Foxes in Inazuma, Birdies from Mondstadt, and weasels from Liyue.

Snowmen Crafting

  • Players will be able to collect and exchange components for creating their Serenitea Pot Snowman.
  • The Snowmen components will be acquired during the event, Shadows Amidst Snowstorms.
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