Genshin Impact 2.1: Boundless Symphony Bundle delayed

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miHoYO has surprised its players with an in-game mail--the first of four, we are speculating; in preparation for the upcoming Boundless Symphony event for Genshin Impact.

Here's what you need to know.

A Thank You To Travelers letter

The Genshin Impact 2.1 gifts were announced by a letter, which indicated that it was "1/4", possibly saying that there are 3 more to look forward to.

Basically, it informs the player that they will be receiving the following:

For the most part, the message includes the attachment of two big rewards:

  • 400 free Primogems
  • The glider: Wings of Shimmering Galaxy

As of writing, the message has only been received by players on the Asian Server. Players from the NA and EU are still waiting to receive theirs.

Release Date and Price

Genshin Concert 2021: Melodies of an Endless Journey is an online concert, taking place on October 3rd, 2021 that will feature musicians from the US, South Korea, and Belgium.

They will be playing songs from Genshin Impact OST

However, the Boundless Symphony Bundle and Genshin FES have been delayed due to pandemic concerns in China. We are waiting for the official information about the release date.

The price for the Bundle is $29.99, which seems quite fair considering what it has to offer.

A new wind glider in Genshin Impact in commemoration of the game's first anniversary
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GLIDE IN STYLE: Here's a new and symphonic wind glider coming soon in Genshin Impact

Boundless Symphony Rewards

According to Genshin Intel, the concert bundle Boundless Symphony will contain the following items:

  • 1,000x Primogems
  • The new Glider Wings of Poetic Melodies
  • New Namecard Celebration: Tuneful Delight
  • Splendid Phrase: a harp-shaped decoration for the Serenitea Pot
A harp that can be used to play background music in Genshin Impact
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ANGELIC MUSIC: Hear heavenly music in your Serenitea Garden with the Splendid Phrase

The Splendid Phrase harp is expected to have the capacity of being a playable instrument, letting travelers play music on their Serenitea Realm.

This will be similar to the mini game, Ballads Of Breeze from the Windblume Festival.

Anniversary Celebration

Besides this concert, miHoYo is organizing an in game anniversary celebration with the following events:

  • Passage of clouds and stars - a daily log-in event, where players will get:
    • Day 1: Intertwined Fate x1
    • Day 2: Mora x 80,000
    • Day 3: Intertwined Fate x 2
    • Day 4: Mystic Enhancement Ore x18
    • Day 5: Intertwined Fate x2
    • Day 6: Hero's Wit x6
    • Day 7: Intertwined Fate x5
  • Moonlight Merriment - the Moonchase festival event will be going down memory lane, involved Genshin Impact favorite characters.
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