Genshin Impact 2.1 New Events Coming

A new Genshin Impact update is just around the corner, and with it comes some exciting new content, led by some new events.

Here's what to expect from the new Genshin Impact 2.1 events come launch day.

Moonlight Merriment

Event Duration: September 26th - October 4th

Requirements: Adventure rank 28, Archon Quest: "New Star Approaches", Trulla chapter" Act I - Mondstadt Gastronomy Trip

Xiangling and Keqing will be the protagonists of this event celebrating the Moonchase Festival in Liyue Harbor.

Two Genshin Impact characters in the background: Xianling and Keqing
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NEW COOKING EVENT: Surely, Paimon is the most excited

Rewards: The Luxurious Sea-Lord sword and the refine material, Emperor's Balm. The sword is a 4 star Claymore-Mackerel. Primogems, mora, and ascension materials.

Hyakunin Ikki

Event Duration: September 1st - September 12th

Requirements: Rank 30 and "Ritou Escape Plan"

Free-For-All fighting tournament; player will show their skill in two characters battles.

Genshin Impact event image with a Japanese Gate as Background
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MORE CLUES PLEASE: What does miHoYo mean with Free-for-All Fighting?

Rewards: Event exclusive namecard Style "Celebration Ikki", Primogems and more

Lunar Realm

Event Duration: September 9th - September 19th

Requirements: Adventure rank 30, Ritou Escape Plan, Unlock Serenitea Pot. "Exploding Population" (Event quest)

Fishing is coming to Genshin Impact, so naturally we will have an event around this new ability.

Genshin Impact event image, which includes fishe caught by a rod
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FISHING IS HERE: Let's catch the Lunar Leviathan

Kujirai Momiji is an Inazuma Fisherwoman, who has, as a mission to catch the legendary fish called the "Lunar Leviathan". She will attempt to do this with the help of Paimon and the Traveler.

Rewards: Fishing rod Moonstringer and Pool of Sapphire Grace for the Serenitea Pot where you can collect your ornamental fishes.

Spectral Secrets

Event Duration: September 18 - September 25th

Requirements: Adventure Rank 30, Ritou Escape Plana and Floating Islands quests.

Spectral Secrets is an event where travelers will be sent out on expeditions by Katheryne from the adventurer's Guild.

Katheryne for Spectral Secrets event on Genshin Impact
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EXPEDITIONS ON STEROIDS: Prymogems are up for grabs!

Rewards: Primogems and ascension materials are part of the rewards in this event; bonus bounties according to the required element.

Passage of clouds and stars

Event Duration: September 27th until the end of Genshin Impact 2.1

Requirements: Adventure rank 5

Clouds and Stars event event on Genshin Impact
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DON'T FORGET TO LOG IN: New character or weapon available for players

During the Moonchase Festival, players can participate in the daily log-in event, similar to the Lantern Rite where you will get:

  • Day 1: Intertwined Fate x1
  • Day 2: Mora x 80,000
  • Day 3: Intertwined Fate x 2
  • Day 4: Mystic Enhancement Ore x18
  • Day 5: Intertwined Fate x2
  • Day 6: Hero's Wit x6
  • Day 7: Intertwined Fate x5

The first purchase bonus of Genesis Crystals will be reset.

Genshin Impact anniversary celebration
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JOIN THE CELEBRATION: Genshin Impact turns one!

Genshin Impact Anniversary

  • miHoYo announced that players can submit personal messages to be engraved on a Statue of Paimon.
  • More than 50,000 messages will be selected.
  • Online Concert. This will feature musicians from the US, South Korea, and Belgium.

As Genshin Impact is celebrating their first anniversary, players can expect extra events and more rewards during the upcoming weeks!

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