Genshin Impact 2.1: Baal and Kujou Sara Banners revealed

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Genshin Impact 2.1 have revealed all the characters that will be part of the first banner. This includes Baal, the 5-star character, Kujou Sara, and more.

Baal and Kujou Sara Banner Release Date

The Baal and Kujou Sara Character Event Banner will arrive on September 1, 2021 as part of Genshin Impact 2.1 update.

Baal "Plane of Euthymia" Banner

Baal's Reign of Serenity banner will feature two new characters, the new 5-Star Electro Archon, a polearm user and the 4 star bow user, Kujou Sara.

Chances of pulling the following 4-star characters will be increased:

  • Xiangling - Pyro Polearm
  • Sucrose - Anemo Catalyst

Euthymia stands for a "state of living without mood disturbances, commonly associated with bipolar disorder"; somehow describing the current state of Baal.

The release of Baal's teaser allows us to speculate that there are two struggling sides of the Electro Archon.

Why you shouldn't miss this banner

  • So far, archons are very powerful playable characters. Venti and Zhong-li are the gold standard supports in the game.
  • Normally, banners include the most anticipated character and three 4 star reruns. This banner will include the brand new, Kojou Sara
  • Xiangling and Sucrose are high tier characters despite of being F2P friendly.
  • Based on the teasers we have received so far, Kujou Sara seems to be a great support with viability in many team compositions, similar to Bennet.

The Catch ascension materials

The possible ascension materials for the Genshin Impact 2.1 new weapon, The Catch, has been shared by data miners in the last few days.

The Catch is a 4 star polearm, which players will receive for free in the exchange store for the upcoming fishing mechanics.

This polearm is on a lot of players radars, as it is possibly the ideal F2P weapon for the electro archon, Baal.

miHoYo is giving players enough reasons to spend their precious Prymogen in Reign of Serenity banner.

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