When is Genshin Impact Update 1.6 Going Live?

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Update version 1.6 for Genshin Impact is available right now, and it brings new characters, events, and more to the game.

Scheduled maintenance is now complete, simply refresh your launcher and dive right in!

LATEST - Update 1.6 for Genshin Impact is Available Now

The latest update for Genshin Impact, 1.6, is live and available now.

Refresh your launcher, and jump on in!

You can read more about the update, and the Midsummer Island Adventure event, over on miHoYo's official site.

Genshin Coming To Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store just got that little bit better, right? Genshin Impact has joined Epic Games' online store, and you can play it there now.

There's also no word on whether Genshin Impact will have cross-progression features going forwards but it's notoriously a gacha game where rerolling involves having to create a new account altogether.

If you're new, though, you can throw the code "GenshinEpic" into the in-game redemption system and get yourself a little something to help you start out. We're not sure if this works on other platforms, yet.

What to Expect in Genshin Impact 1.6

Genshin Impact Beidou
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BEIDOU: Everyone's favorite pirate turned merchant will finally get some spotlight

Genshin Impact 1.6 will see the Traveler continue on their journey, this time heading toward Inazuma, home of the Electro Archon.

With the region currently blocked to outsiders, it will be up to Beidou and her Crux Fleet to smuggle the Traveler into Inazuma, traversing multiple islands in the region before finally ending up on the mainland.

This most likely means Genshin Impact players will be introduced to boat travel, swapping maps similar to how they currently do now between Teyvat and their private home in the Serenitea Pot.

Fans can also expect the return of Klee, as well as the introduction of Kazuha, a 5-Star Anemo character from the Inazuma region, which is part of Beidou's crew.

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