Genshin Impact 1.4 update leak reveals new Oceanid boss

Ever since the launch of Genshin Impact, players have labeled the Oceanid boss fight as one of the hardest and most annoying in the game, due to its unique mechanics and unexpected damage from the mirages it summons.

Now, the nightmares of players, especially the Hydro-heavy teams, around the world are coming true: the Oceanid is getting a new and special boss fight in the next 1.4 update.

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As with all leaks, despite the credibility of the leakers' information, do take all the information with a pinch of salt as nothing is official until miHoYo themselves make the announcements.

Leak Details

More details of Patch 1.4 from a well-publicized and credited leak source have revealed that there will be a new event after the Windbloom Festival called The Wish of Pure Water, and it's split into two parts: exploration and investigation.

The first half, which involves area exploration called "Endora's Education", has you equipping a unique gear called the Inquisitive Endora, that will aid you along the way. It changes your Elemental Skill temporarily into a special skill called Bubble Spit. Travelers will need to use to shoot down items to collect special event-exclusive Pure Hydro Monsters.

The exploration half will have five stages, and will have the usual rewards of Mora, Primogems, and a new reward called Heart of the Spring.

The second half involves investigation, and completing it will not only give more Primogems, but also permanently add the Endora to your inventory as a companion--much like the Treasure Seelie early in Patch 1.3.

The New Oceanid

Much like the Resurgent Cryo Regisvine from the Dragonspine event in Patch 1.2, this is a boss fight that can be done either solo or through co-op mode.

However, unlike the previous event boss, this might need you to pay up the standard elemental boss cost of 40 Resin. That is, if you don't have the aforementioned Heart of the Spring reward.

A stark difference noted in this fight is that instead of fighting water mirages that the Oceanid summons, this time we're fighting the creature itself (which was noted to be immune to Freeze)--and it's fully voiced to boot!

The event also reveals that some characters will be receiving special buffs in this special boss fight, like increased Hydro RES or Energy Recharge, to make the fight easier.

The reward for completing this event boss seems to be a double drop from the Blossom of Revelation, meaning that Ley Line Outcrop will drop double the character EXP materials than normal. No other specifics about the rewards have been revealed as of posting.

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