Genshin Impact update 1.4 leak reveals Windbloom festival

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The festive season in Genshin Impact seems to continue onto the next patch from Liyue to Mondstadt, as the City of Freedom is seemingly preparing for their own event called the "Windbloom Festival".

Minigames and challenges await the players once event kicks off in the next big patch coming next month, which should arrive with Genshin Impact update 1.4.

Windbloom Festival Leaks

Several well publicised leaks are suggesting there are three unique games to look out for when the event starts:

Special mention goes to Windstock, where if the leak is to be believed, the players can get to keep the harp they used in the rhythm game.

How Will It Work?


All these minigames award "Festive Tour Tickets", believed to be the exchange currency for the festival like how the Peace Talisman is to the Lantern Rite.

Also much like the Lantern Rite and their Xiao Lanterns, the Windbloom Festival has its own floatable party item called "Windbloom Commemorative Balloons", where players can let the celebratory fly up into the air until it pops.

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