Fortnite: What happened during The End event?

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Wow... I mean, WOW. The end of Chapter 2 event just wrapped up and it's clear Fortnite will never be the same again. If you missed out or decided to pass for whatever reason then it's difficult to stress how unlucky you are.

We're going to take you through the rundown of how things happened that lead to our loopers being stranded in the middle of the ocean like Rose from Titanic.


What happened during 'The End'

The event truly kicked off before the timer had even expired as we were placed within Chimpowski's Guava fort alongside Kevin the Blue Cube. With ten minutes to go, sideways monsters started spawning and attacking the fort.

fortnite the end kevin

This ran all the way through to the beginning of the event when the Cube Queen got involved. She created rifts that saw our alien invaders send in their ships to bring further destruction to the fort and general island.

fortnite cube queen rift

The final siege came from caretaker monsters and our loopers eventually had their weapons taken by alien tractor beams. This left us defenceless before Kevin the Cube was eventually destroyed by the Cube Queen.

fortntie kevin destroyed

From there we were taken into a cutscene showing Jonesy being held captive and apparently about to be killed by Slone. Before she could pull the trigger, The Foundation showed up and stopped her, rescuing Jonesy in the process. Oh, by the way, The Rock is The Foundation... yeah... madness.

fortnite the rock

Foundation and Jonesy begin a protocol that will see the island do a 180-degree flip while The Scientist and The Visitor help out the loopers above ground. We're taken underground by these members of The Seven to meet up with Foundation and Jonesy.

fortnite the seven event

Upon reaching them, a caretaker boss breaks into The Bridge causing all characters to be sucked out into the ocean. This is where we're greeted by the sight of the island completing its flip and thus destroying (we think) the Cube Queen.

fortnite the flipside

The sheer force of the island flipping causes a massive tidal wave to take our looper out to sea where we remain stranded until the start of Chapter 3...

fortnite adrift