When is the Next Fortnite Update?

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Few live service games have as much structure to them as Fortnite and the hugely popular battle royale game continues to impress with its frequent content updates and release calendar.

Updates are the heart and soul of any game that plans to try and built a loyal community of players. Because of this, the structure is key and always having an idea of when the next update is set to arrive is beneficial.

So, when is the next Fortnite update?

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When is the next Fortnite Update?

We've just welcomed Fortnite Chapter 4 and to be honest, there has been plenty of new content to keep us busy so we haven't even thought about the next update!

The next Fortnite update might go live on or around Tuesday, 10 January. This will be 23.20 and we're not quite sure what the headline content will be!

There is a larger break between the Winterfest update and this one as Epic employees will be heading on their well-deserved Christmas holiday.

Updates are planned and worked on weeks, if not months in advance, so there will be no issues with having to go a little longer between updates.

How do Fortnite Updates Work?

Fitting in with the theme of having a structure, Fortnite Updates all work in exactly the same way, with the exception of new season/chapter ones. They each take place on a Tuesday at 1 am PT / 4 am ET / 9 am GMT.

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Matchmaking is disabled 30 minutes prior to the update taking place and servers will go down to allow the update to be done with minimal fuss.

Servers can stay down anywhere from one hour up to around four, depending on the size of the update file which is usually below 5GB.

There are anywhere between four/six updates per season and typically take place every two weeks although some may have a longer gap between them depending on what content needs to be updated and what bugs need fixing.

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