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Fortnite Update 23.00 - release date, time & server downtime

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Fortnite Update 23.00 is set to be one of the biggest in the history of the game as we enter Chapter 4 a lot sooner than we ever thought possible. Despite this momentous occasion drawing plenty of hype from the community, there are still questions about whether or not it is happening too soon.

Despite some uncertainty, one thing we do know is that Fortnite Update 23.00 is going ahead regardless and we have all the details you need including the release date and possible server downtime.

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Fortnite Update 23.00 Release Date & Time

Fortnite Update 23.00 will officially arrive on Sunday, 4 December. Servers will be down following the conclusion of the Fracture event the night before and there is no official time given for when they will be back.

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Despite some details being kept under wraps, it has been leaked that the expected time for Fortnite Update 23.00 to be completed is around 6 am PT / 9 am ET / 2 pm GMT / 3 pm CET.

No updates are provided by Epic or Fortnite during downtime so keep your eyes posted for further updates to timings for Update 23.00.

What to expect in Update 23.00

With the arrival of a brand new Fortnite Chapter, we can expect Update 23.00 to bring a ton of new content including a brand new map which will likely be the most talked-about feature. We'll also learn more about Winterfest 2022!

On top of this, we expect a whole upheaval of the current weapon and item rotation that will undoubtedly see some fan favourites vaulted and possibly some older items unvaulted. There have also been rumours of a First-Person mode being added to the battle royale game mode.

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It's entirely possible that we also see a different battle pass system brought into play. Fortnite changed to the stars system some time ago now and with the recent changes to Call of Duty's redemption system, Epic could have something planned to keep things fresh.

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