Is Fortnite Available on

fortnite character promo image

fortnite character promo image

Fortnite is easily one of the biggest games in the world today and while it's still behind the likes of Roblox and Minecraft, it's still an absolute powerhouse. When looking to take your Victory Royales on the road, mobile seems like the easiest way to go, enter

This mobile gaming platform is also insanely popular thanks to the fact that Roblox is one of the games available on the service. is also about more than just mobile as it can use cloud technology to embed games into multiple platforms such as web browsers. However, is Fortnite part of this cloud-based revolution?

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Is Fortnite on

Unfortunately, Fortnite is not currently available on Despite the growing popularity of the platform, Fortnite developers Epic are yet to give the go-ahead for the game to feature.

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Fortnite is currently playable on mobile thanks to GeForce Now if you are looking for a way to play on-the-go. There are workarounds available to also play it on the Steam Deck, however, it's not the best experience as Epic is also yet to optimize the game for the handheld device.

Will Fortnite Come to

Never say never. There is every chance that Fortnite could be added to in the future but for now, Epic is yet to even really comment on the possibility. Demand either hasn't met the required level to prioritize the move or there is just no desire on Epic's behalf.

fortnite promo image for geforce now showing the cosmetics you can earn for playing the game
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GeForce Now offered special rewards for mobile players

Regardless, the games industry is one that moves and changes very quickly. We wouldn't be surprised if something is in the works that we simply don't know about just yet. Stay posted and we'll keep you up to date should anything change with this situation.

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