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Fortnite: How to enable 2FA

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We might be in a brand new Season of Fortnite, but it's always important to take care of your digital possessions as a priority and Epic encourages you to enable 2FA (2-Factor Authentication) to aid this.

Like with any other iteration of 2FA that you use, Epic asks you for a few extra details so that they can confirm your identity each time you log in.

How to enable 2FA on your Epic Account

Turning on 2FA is actually quite simple and only asks you to make one main decision throughout the process. Head to your account page on the Epic website and then log in.

Once in your account, head to the password section. Here, the first options are related to changing your password which isn't required as part of this process. Instead, scroll to the bottom of the page. Here you'll find the option to enable 2FA.

Fortnite Epic Account 2FA
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You can now enable one of three choices for 2FA on your Epic Account;

  • Third-Party App - You'll download an authenticator app, likely to your mobile device, and use it to gain an access code every time you need to log in.
  • SMS Authentication - You'll attach your mobile number to your Epic account and receive a code via text when you try to log in.
  • Email Authentication - If you don't want to use your mobile number you can instead use your email. You'll receive a code to your email every time you need to log in.

Benefits of 2FA

When 2FA is active on your Epic Account, you have an added layer of security that is much harder to bypass. What's not to love?

It will also allow you to enter Fortnite tournaments as it is a requirement. Even for tournaments that don't include cash prizes, you need 2FA active.

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