Has Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1 been a bit too quiet?

The arrival of Fortnite Chapter 3 breathed new life into a game that, while it hadn't become stale, was certainly in need of a boost. This brand new era couldn't have come at a better time and the surprise factor that built up to its reveal was second to none.

Now that we're around six weeks into this brave new landscape, what is the general feel about Fortnite Chapter 3? Have things started a bit too slow or is everything unravelling at the perfect pace?

Is Fortnite Chapter 3 a disappointment?

The hype that surrounded the arrival of Fortnite Chapter 3 truly was incredible. Despite a slew of leaks that apparently saw the schedule change dramatically compared to the launch of Chapter 2, the community spoke very highly of how Epic handled the transition.

Six weeks later, despite all the amazing content and gameplay changes that have come with the new chapter, is the general landscape moving a little too slow? Story content came so fast towards to end of Chapter 2 that it's quite the adjustment with how things are rolling out in Season 1.

In general, the feedback from the community remained highly positive in response to most of the major changes and content additions. In fact, the lack of story progression at this point may actually be more of a positive.

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Fortnite is still just as, if not MORE fun to play

The overall feel is that Fortnite hasn't been this fun to play in some time and that's without the nuclear additions like the No-Build mode that's always being requested. Winterfest coming in hot so close to the release of Chapter 3 helped the hype train roll on right through until January. It's only now that nothing is really going on that the idea of CHapter 3 being 'slow' or 'disappointing' has been suggested.

In truth, those who have suggested that storytelling should supersede everything else for the sake of continuation are kinda missing the point. The beginning of Fortnite Chapter 3 was pretty loaded, especially with how 'The End' event played out.

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There's still so much to come this season alone

We know that the story of Chapter 3 is going to be one that plays out nice and slow because why rush when keeping players on a hook is the ultimate goal? Giving Epic the time and trust to push Fortnite Chapter 3 in the right direction shouldn't be something that players need to be convinced to do.

However the rest of the season plays out, we're sure it'll be quite the spectacle. Let's not forget, we still have Haven Masks and The Foundation to release this season!

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