Fortnite Wolverine Skin Logan: New Logan skin available, how to get it, challenges & more!

Fortnite has finally succumbed to the pressure and given us a Wolverine Logan skin in the game.

However, this skin won’t be easy to get, and is unlockable as a reward for a whole host of weekly challenges.

logan fortnite wolverine skin
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Let’s take a look at the third skin available for Wolverine this season now!

Logan skin

The skin itself is Logan, with Wolverine boasting a torn vest, dog tags and his trusty funky hair do.

We assume you will still be able to use Wolverine’s adamantium claws with this new skin, which you can currently equip to replace a pickaxe.

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In order to get the new skin it seems players will have to complete 60 weekly challenges, as well as 6 challenges from the Wolverine battle pass.

This skin joins the other Wolverine skins from weeks 5 and 6, which were the gold and classic skins respectively.

New challenges

For spooky season (AKA Halloween) Fortnite has also added a number of challenges related to the terrifying day.

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These include an eating candy challenge, flying a witch’s broom, and even turning into a shadow in Fortnitemares.

As the challenge for Logan states, we have to complete 60 weekly challenges for the skin, so we’re sure completing some of these will contribute!

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