Fortnite: What is Late Game Arena?

With the fifth and final major update for Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3 now in the books, fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Season 4 and whatever it may bring along with it.

This doesn't mean that the battle royale action is slowing down, however, as Fortnite has just reintroduced Late Game Arena to keep things lively as the season comes to a close.

What is it? Well here is everything you need to know about it.

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What is Late Game Arena?

Fortnite Late Game Arena gives you a quick gameplay experience.
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At its core, Late Game Arena is still the battle royale experience that you'll normally experience in Fortnite but with a much faster pace overall to create a more intense combat scenario.

Only consisting of 60 players in total, Late Game Arena can be played in either solos or trios in a much smaller arena than the usual game. Players also begin each Late Game Arena fully equipped with an assortment of weapons, utility items like shield potions and medkits and building materials.

While it might not be everyone's preferred way of playing, this unique take on the battle royale side of Fortnite is certainly entertaining.

What Changed in Late Game Arena?

There have been multiple changes made since the last time Late Game Arena was brought back to the game, including an updated loot pool designed to have competitive balance and improved performance.

One of the items set to return is the Pump Shotgun which was showcased in the marketing material for this gamemode.

Changes to the spawn have also been made, with players now spawning only 100m above land to try and avoid people waiting for the next zone to be revealed and skipping a large portion of the match. Now their glider will activate 25m above the ground, getting them right into the action.

The storm is now a lot faster than in previous versions of the game, with 40 seconds between the storm closing in on the next area.

Finally, there is also an in-game scoreboard now available to showcase details of your performance

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