LIVE NOW Fortnite v19.01 Update COUNTDOWN: Downtime Schedule & Release Time

Coming out of nowhere, Fortnite 19.01 is a surprise update from Epic Games, and it's live now. Below we've got everything you need to know about it, including what's been revealed by it.

Latest - 19.01 Update Live Now

The downtime has begun and you'll be able to jump back into Fortnite very soon. Alongside some new Spider-Man Styles, the Winterfest loading screen has been released, so the event should begin very soon.

You can check out the loading screen below and the servers will be back up very soon.

Release Time

Fortnite v19.01 is scheduled to go live at roughly 6am EST on Tuesday, December 14th.

Follow along with our countdown below as the update approaches its downtime period!

Downtime Schedule

Fortnite v19.01 will first take servers offline for a period of downtime beginning at 3am EST on Tuesday, December 14th.

Fortnite v19.01 Downtime

This downtime typically lasts 2-3 hours, though it can be extended pending any technical difficulties.

What's Coming in Fortnite v19.01?

Much like other Fortnite updates, Epic Games has yet to clarify what exactly is coming in Fortnite v19.01, and likely won't until after its release.

Until then we can only speculate as we didn't get any hints this time around.

Some things players can expect include patching a Season 3 XP bug in Creative Mode that recently went viral on Tik Tok, and some setup for Winterfest which players can expect to start on Thursday, December 16th.

Chapter 3

Fortnite is moving fast now over a week into Chapter 3!

From massive crossover drops to quest rewards and the big upcoming Winterfest event, this is a great time to get playing.

For those looking to really make their mark, you won't want to miss the upcoming Chapter 3 Solo Hype Cup and Solo Cash Cup kicking off in the new year.

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