Fortnite: Fortnitemares Update 14.40 cuts file size by 60GB

Fortnite is receiving a ton of new and exciting content in Update 14.40. At the same time, the game's file size is being reduced by over 60 GB!

Let's go over the latest Fortnite update, and what it brings to the table.

File Size

Fortnite has been one of the most demanding games on file size that gaming has embraced in recent years. Previously the game sat at roughly 90GB, taking up space that players would've loved to use for other games or important programs.

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DOWNSIZING: Fortnite will be much more PC-friendly with a huge file size reduction

This has been a similar problem with Call of Duty Warzone, which is notorious for massive 50-60GB updates.

But for Fortnite, this is now a problem of the past, as Update 14.40 reduces the game's file size by over 60GB! This is roughly 2/3 of the initial file size gone, all while adding new content.

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Overall, this makes this one of the most valuable Fortnite updates we've ever seen.

So let's go over all of the new things coming with Update 14.40!

Fortnite Update 14.40 - Fortnitemares

Fortnitemares is here! The Fortnite Halloween event kicked off with Update 14.40, which went live on 21 October.

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PARTY TROOPERS: Fortnite skins are going dark for Fortnitemares

This event brings new cosmetics and other rewards from challenges. These challenges range from finding and eating candy around the map to travelling 100 meters on a Witch's Broom.

Challenges will cycle every few days, so make sure to complete them while you can, and get ready for the next set as they go live! By completing each, you'll be able to unlock all of the great Fortnitemares cosmetics.

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Fortnitemares has seen a wide variety of skins in past years, and this year will bring some all new options to the table. This includes a pumpkin skin, a doctor skin, a skeleton skin, party trooper skins, and plenty more.

Fortnite Special Edition Nintendo Switch Bundle

The highly anticipated Fortnite Special Edition Nintendo Switch bundle is now out for pre-orders. Much like the Nintendo Switch, however, stock could be lacking - as there will be plenty of fans putting in their orders.

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SIGNATURE: You won't be able to find a Nintendo Switch like this anywhere else!

The bundle includes a brand new Nintendo Switch design inspired by Fortnite! The new Switch design features tons of cool images on the back, and a party bus to replace the traditional home button design. It will also be in blue and yellow, a signature color combo exclusive to the Fortnite Special Edition Nintendo Switch.

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On top of it all, players that pick up the bundle will earn themselves 2000 V-Bucks, and the Wildcat outfit as well.

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