Fortnite Witch Broom: Where To Find One and How To Travel 100 Meters On A Witch Broom For Fortnitemares 2020

Fortnite has rolled out tons of content for the Marvel-themed season.

Its most recent patch some new LTM’s for casual players as well as balance changes around weapons.

Now, is finally here across all platforms; and there are some brand new challenges to check out.

Here's how to find the Witches Broom!


For this Fortnitemares challenge, players will only need to find a Witches Broom, then ride it 100 meters.

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However, the tricky part about this challenge is actually locating the broom itself.

But do not fear, as we have all the answers.

Witches Broom

A brand new mythical item was added into the game, and this broom is going to be the best way to get around the map.

Players will not be able to find these brooms in normal chests or ground spawns, instead they will be hidden inside wooden barrels.

As well, there is a better chance to find these brooms at the new Witch Shacks which can be found around the map.

YouTuber Bodil40 posted a helpful video with some great details about where to find these brooms.

Check it out below!

100 Meters

Once you find a broom, the rest of the challenge is simply hopping on the broom and flying around until you reach 100 meters!


Completing this challenge will net you one step closer to achieving all of the Fortnitemares 2020 challenges!

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