Fortnite Season 3 Starter Pack Now Available

A brand new season makes for a great jumping-on point for players interesting in trying out Fortnite for the very first time and Epic Games has just released a brand new Fortnite Starter Pack for Season 3 to help get players started.

Starter packs are an affordable set of cosmetic items and Vbucks so new players can get an interesting skin without having to fork out for the battle pass if that isn't something they don't want to do. The additional VBucks can also then be spent on some emotes or other cosmetics in the item shop to further help build their collection. Here is all the info on the Fortnite Rogue Alias Pack.

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Fortnite Starter Pack For Season 3

The starter pack for season 3, known as the Fortnite "Rogue Alias Pack" is now available in the item shop for £3.19 and gives the player three cosmetic items along with 600 Vbucks. A great deal for new players and players already familiar with the game for the Vbucks alone.

The pack has a yellow and black theme with a punk/ninja aesthetic. The main feature of the Fortnite Rogue Alias pack is, of course, the outfit which gives players a cool yellow-jacketed ninja to take out their foes with on their way to a victory royale. Its bright colours, while not the best for blending into surroundings, is definitely a stylish way to engage opponents.

The back bling and Pickaxe are both matching the outfit meanwhile, with a pair of swords reminiscent of katanas and tanto blades but with a slight sci-fi edge to them and a backpack with holsters for the blades when they're away.

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