Fortnite Makes Getting XP Easier After Season 3 Criticism.

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Epic has launched Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 and players who have jumped back into their favourite battle royale have a lot to say about the new changes.

Whether it be the new locations or the seemingly powered-up SMGs that can now outperform some of the game's best weapons; there are a lot of things that Fortnite Players want to see changed.

Fortnite's XP Announcement for Season 3
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Epic Games seems to be listening to these criticisms, announcing some fixes for the slower XP gain of season 3. Here are the changes made to Fortnite's Season 3 XP Grind.

Fortnite Supercharges its XP after Fan Complaints

Coming from the official Fortnite Status Twitter page, the updates to the XP are being made asap, even before the 21.00 update comes into effect with new quests for players to complete.


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The main changes coming to Fortnite right now are a doubled XP gain for accolades as well as a general supercharged XP gain for all players, increasing the overall gain for everyone playing the game.

While this may seem like a small change, it can be quite the difference maker for players who are focused on climbing up the ranks in the battle pass, especially if they aren't able to dedicate the time to doing so in the slower XP start to the season.

These changes also benefit players who either aren't able/don't want to purchase battle pass levels in Fortnite, giving them a more viable option in getting the skins they want without having to dedicate as much time as the slower XP grind would have to deal with otherwise.