Everything that is happening in Fortnite this week

With a new update and huge live event, last week was a big one for Fortnite, but the excitement hasn't stopped.

There's a lot more to come in Fortnite this week, Season 7 Week 10, and here are all the details you need.

Rift Tour Is Over But Ariana Remains

It's been and gone. Each of the five Rift Tour shows have now happened and they were pretty impressive.

While you cannot watch her perform anymore, you'll still be able to pick up her skin this week.

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The time hasn't been completely confirmed, but Ariana's Icon Series skin will likely leave the shop on Wednesday, when the shop refreshes.

When the time is confirmed, we'll be sure to let you know so that you don't miss out.

Superman Finally Arrives

While we've known that he's coming since the start of Season 7, the Superman skin is finally due to arrive in Fortnite this week.

The release date for the Superman skin is set for Thursday, August 12, so there's not long to wait now.

For all the details you need on the skin, be sure to check out our piece on it.

Week 10 Challenges

Aside from skins, we also know that the Week 10 challenges will arrive this week, with the Legendary ones dropping on Wednesday, followed by the Epic quests on Thursday.

While they're not live yet, we thankfully know what they are, thanks to the post 17.30 update leaks.

Legendary Quests

  • Get Sloane's orders from a Payphone (1)
  • Damage an opponent in the Slurpy Swamp abduction site (1)
  • Collect a Grab-itron (1)
  • Place video cameras at different landing Ship Locations (3)
  • Visit an Abductor (1)
  • Visit Slurp Factory inside the Mothership (1)

Epic Quests

  • Use the Grab-Itron or Saucer's Tractor beam to deliver a tractor to Hayseed's Farm (1)
  • Travel in an Inflate-A-Bull (200)
  • Visit the Guardian Towers (3)
  • Catch a gun while fishing (1)
  • Outlast opponents (200)
  • Eliminations at close range (1)
  • Damage Doctor Sloane (50)

Dreamhack August Tournament

Finally, one of the most popular recurring Fortnite tournaments, Dreamhack, is returning this week.

Beginning on Wednesday August 11, the tournament is focused on Duos this month and sees 500 groups advancing to the semi-finals.

You can jump in with your best friend to battle it out and try and win some cool prizes. Below is the official Dreamhack tweet that contains the start times of each round.

If anything else happens in the world of Fortnite this week, we'll be sure to let you know.

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