Fortnite Season 4 Event - start date & time

fortnite season 4 characters promo shot

fortnite season 4 characters promo shot

It feels like a very long time since we were able to enjoy a signature Fortnite live event but we're about to get the chance at the end of Season 4!

It's been reported that there will in fact be an event to close out Fortnite Season 4 and we couldn't be happier! While the nature of the event remains a mystery - for now - we do have some details as a result of this leak.

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Fortnite Season 4 Event Start Date & Time

According to Insider Gaming, there will be an event to close out Season 4 on Saturday, 3 December. As expected with any major event, servers will go down as soon as it has finished and won't return until Season 5 is ready to start.

Fortnite the paradigm played by bree larson
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Could we see another debut during the event?

On this, it's already reported that Season 5 already has a start time too. Insider Gaming reports that the servers will be back online at around 8-9 am EST.

It's unusual to get such precise info on server downtime given how unpredictable it typically is so it must be said that these times are easily subject to change.

How to enter a Fortnite event

When the time comes, Epic makes it super easy to join a Fortnite event. In the half-hour leading up to the event matchmaking will be disabled allowing all active players to finish up their matches and grind that last little bit of XP.

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Could we see another event based skin bundle too?

When general matchmaking is closed, you will only have one option within the Fortnite lobby, the event playlist! It's not often that an event will start on time and they typically will begin around 5 minutes after the advertised time.

This allows lobbies to fill up and everyone to get prepared for the wonder ahead. There really is nothing quite like a Fortnite end-of-season event so make sure you don't miss out on this one!

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