Fortnite: Is an Event Coming Soon?

Fornite Chapter 2 Season 1 is in the full Christmas mode right now, with the holiday season in full effect.

The map is fully covered with snow and players all over the world are unwrapping their Winterfest 2019 presents.

This is the first time Epic Games has given out two free skins for players and it is amazing to see the festive spirit in the world's largest game still.

Most recently, Epic Games decided to cover the map in snow for Christmas day yet again but the snow is still there.

In the past, we have detailed how there might be a criminal organization forming which may be important to the story mode of Fortnite.

There has also been a fan-made image of a loading screen, that my detail an event coming in the near future.

We'll take you through all we know about the possible event and recap what we know about the criminal organization.

Recap: Criminal Organization?

Reddit user destructor_999 was the mastermind behind this elaborate scale for Fortnite skins, it has a combination of battle pass skins and some cosmetic items that were available in the item shop not so long ago.

At first glance, this is a far stretch to say these skins have something to do with the upcoming Fortnite event (if there is one), however, we will recap the tier list.

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  • Boss tier – Chaos Agent
  • Second in Command tier – Sorana, Fusion
  • General tier – Toxin, Scratch, Chic, Riptide
  • Elite tier – Big Chuggus (shop skin), Hazard (battle pass skin)
  • Soldier tier – Stingray, Sludge

Chaos Agent's Secret Plot?

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In this image posted by Fortnite leaker @FortTory, it dives into detail of all the screens that the Chaos Agent is looking at.

Pointing your attention to the top left screen, the bunker that is being referenced in this image is located somewhere between Misty Medows and the southernmost part of the map.

So there could be another epic robot fight like we witnessed during Season 9.

What do you think the story mode event will be this season? It is hard to say right now, but this is the best information we have!

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