Fortnite OnePlus Tournament Rewards Leaked

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 is right around the corner, bringing us lots of new changes to the game.

As always tournaments will be continuing throughout the upcoming season and we've gotten details of the first one to be announced.

When Does Season 4 End?

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 was originally scheduled to end on November 30th.

This was then changed to December 3rd part way through the season.

Originally the season was due to end on a Sunday, something that has never happened before.

Now it is due to end on a Thursday, the typical day for a new Fortnite season.

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XP Xtravaganza

We still have Week 3 and 4 of XP Xtravaganza to complete, earning that last bit of XP to get those Holo styles for the Battle Pass skins.

Players will fully complete the Battle Pass and unlock all of the styles at level 220.

The challenges have been leaked and you can check out our guides here:

OnePlus Tournament

The first tournament that will take place in Season is the OnePlus tournament, officially called the Bhangra Boogie Cup.

The tournament will, according to leakers, be another Android only event, much like the recent #FreeFortnite Cup.

Leaked by Guille_GAG, players that participate will be able to unlock 4 cosmetic items.

Fortnite bhangra boogie tournament leak
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These will be an emote, a spray, a music pack, and what looks like a back bling of a OnePlus phone.

The emote, Bhangra Boogie, was originally given to players who purchased select OnePlus phones, but now it will be given to all players who meet the requirements in the tournament.

As there has been no official announcement by Epic Games yet, we don't know the format of the cup or the points needed to secure each item.

It could be a cup designed to give as many players as possible the items, or may only be granted to a select few who place high in the rankings.

The #FreeFortnite Cup granted all players the #FreeFortnite skin if they earned a certain amount of points.

This score threshold was kept intentionally low to ensure as many players as possible received it.

But in the Marvel Super Series Cups, only the top 1000 players were granted the rewards for free.

These Marvel rewards were then released in the shop too.

But with the emote originally being unlockable by purchasing a certain phone, it likely won't come to the regular Item Shop.

Tournament Date

According to leakers the tournament will take place on Sunday December 6th.

Although until Epic Games confirms the tournament and the time, it is only a rumour.

We will update this as we learn more about the event.

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