Fortnite XP Xtravaganza Week 3 Challenges Guide - Release Date, Time, Leaks, How to Complete & Week 13 Rewards

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 is almost over, with the final 14.60 update releasing earlier today.

The new update has added all of the files for the upcoming Galactus event, which is expected to take place on November 28th.

The final 2 sets of XP Xtravaganza challenges have been leaked with week 3 and week 4.

Here is your guide on how to complete the Week 3 XP Xtravaganza challenges.


Table of Contents

Fortnite XP Xtravaganza Week 3 Release Date

The new challenges are set to arrive on Thursday, 19 November at around 9am ET / 2pm GMT.

Week 3 Challenges

Although they are yet to be released, this week's challenges have been leaked online.

Fortnite XP Xtravaganza Week 3 Challenges Complete
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Deal Damage With SMGs (20,000 XP each stage)

  • Stage 1/3 Deal 1,000 Damage
  • Stage 2/3 Deal 2,500 Damage
  • Stage 3/3 Deal 5,000 Damage

Search Chests (20,000 XP each stage)

  • Stage 1/3 Search 10 Chests
  • Stage 2/3 Search 10 Ammo Boxes
  • Stage 3/3 Search 10 Supply Drops

Eliminate NPCs (20,000 XP each stage)

  • Stage 1/3 Eliminate 10 Stark Robots, Gatherers, or Gorgers
  • Stage 2/3 Eliminate 25 Stark Robots, Gatherers, or Gorgers
  • Stage 3/3 Eliminate 50 Stark Robots, Gatherers, or Gorgers

Collect Wood, Stone, or Metal (20,000 XP each stage)

  • Stage 1/3 Collect 1,000 Wood, Stone, or Metal
  • Stage 2/3 Collect 1,500 Wood, Stone, or Metal
  • Stage 3/3 Collect 2,000 Wood, Stone, or Metal

Dance On All Five Colored Bridges In A Single Match (50,000 XP)

Eliminate 20 Opponents (20,000 XP)

That means that the upcoming challenges offer 310,000 XP!

How to complete


Overall the challenges are pretty straight forward and many will come with natural progression.

The damage, opening chests, eliminating opponents, and harvesting challenges will come over time as the game is played

The Stark Robots, Gatherers, and Gorgers challenge will take a little more thought and attention as players have to go out of their way to do this.

Stark Industries is an extremely hot drop, even prior to there being a related challenge.

So this one may be quite difficult and take a long time to do.

However, players don't generally bother with the Gorgers, so that may the best bet to get the challenge done.

Or wait a week for most players to complete it and then those areas shouldn't be as active as they will be.

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