Fortnite: Luke Skywalker Skin Due This Season?

luke skywalker from star wars battlefront 2

luke skywalker from star wars battlefront 2

Fortnite and Star Wars are no strangers to one another yet the biggest and best collaboration of all may still be yet to come. Luke Skywalker could be making his debut in Fortnite very soon and fans are excited at the prospect.

While we are only at the stage where leaks and rumours are all we have to discuss, things are following a fairly familiar formula with Fortnite and there’s every likelihood that this skin will land in-game sooner rather than later. Here’s everything we know so far.

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Luke Skywalker X Fortnite

As discovered in the Fortnite Season 4 update, certain cosmetics were updated that relate to Luke Skywalker. It’s well known that Star Wars (and Marvel) have a great working relationship with Epic Games but their premier Jedi was yet to make an appearance.

The updating of these files suggests that is about to change and just the sheer mention of this possible skin release has fans foaming at the mouth.

It remains to be seen which way Fortnite would go with the skin. They may go for the much younger appearance of the original Luke vs the most recent trilogy. Of course, there is every possibility that both come to the game and players can make the choice of which version they would rather play as.

One bit of caution we also need to flag is that the discovery of these files doesn’t necessarily mean that he will arrive this season. As we’ve seen in the past with multiple skin leaks, sometimes their actual reveal is much further out than we originally anticipated.

star wars lightsabers as they appear in Fortnite
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With Season 4 taking us up to early December, it’s not completely impossible for Luke Skywalker to be a Season 5 Battle Pass skin! Unlikely? Yes, but not impossible! As HYPEX mentions in their tweet, challenges being due this season certainly point to the skin arriving sooner rather than later.

However this plays out, we’ll just be excited to see yet another top-class collaboration come to Fortnite and prove that it is still the premier battle royale experience out there!

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