Fortnite Item Store Tracker 23 December: What Skins & Bundles Are Available Today?

fortnite item store screenshot

fortnite item store screenshot

One thing that Fortnite has really helped innovate in the gaming world is the rotating item store that Epic has maintained for close to five years. It offers players the chance to get their hands on skins and cosmetics after their initial release but only during certain limited windows of time.

How does the Fortnite item store work, what's in there today, and when does it refresh in your time zone? We've got you covered and all of those questions!

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Fortnite Item Store: 23 December

If you're keen to know what's in the Fortnite Item Store today, @iFireMonkey has you covered. Their handy image collates all of the items as well as how long it's been since they were last available.

You can use the support-a-creator code 'FireMonkey' to support them when buying something from the item store, it comes at no additional cost to you but helps them out massively!

When Does The Fortnite Item Store Reset?

The Fortnite Item Store resets daily at the following times:

  • 5 pm PT
  • 7 pm CT
  • 8 pm ET
  • 1 am BST
  • 2 am CET
  • 8 am CST
  • 9 am JST
  • 10 am AEST

There is no downtime required for the store to update so switching between tabs should be enough to generate new items.

In the event that the store doesn't update on time for you, a restart may be required but this is quite rare!

Item Store Tabs

The Fortnite item store consists of tabs that give a very brief overview of what content will be available in the upcoming reset.

fortnite item store refresh
expand image

Leakers can often get this info out a few hours before the reset takes place and it's a good indicator of whether or not there will be any surprises in the reset. The Daily, Featured, and More Offers tabs are typically everpresent.

Special tabs are usually named after the skins in the store e.g. a tab titled 'Ninja' would contain the Icon Series skin and bundle for streamer Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins.

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