Fortnite: Leakers Suggest Mod Support Is Coming

Fortnite is a game that is ever changing.

Starting as a PVE zombie horde game, it then became the Battle Royale sensation that took over the gaming industry.

The game has attracted hundreds of millions of players, which includes celebrities such as Drake, Marshmello, Chandler Riggs, and Austin Creed.

Following in the footsteps of Minecraft, it is becoming its own platform for creativity and allowing players to play Fortnite how they choose to play it.

Mod Support Coming?

Fortnite leaker, Lucas7Yoshi, has suggested that mod support is being worked on, stating he is "100% confident" of this.

What type of support is coming is something no-one really knows, but it would make sense for it to happen eventually.

Minecraft is a game that is built on mods, allowing players to create their world exactly how they want it to be.

In December 2019, Epic Games founder, Tim Sweeney was asked whether he sees Fortnite as a game or a platform.

He replied to ask him again in 12 months and he will let them know.

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Mod support could be a big step into making Fortnite into a platform for creativity, rather than just a game.

The games Creative mode is hugely popular, with players creating all kinds of games within Fortnite, from death runs, hide and seek, Zone Wars, and many more fun modes.

It is unlikely that mods will be supported in Battle Royale due to the risk of them giving players an advantage.

Mods will likely also have to uploaded to Epic's servers and approved before being downloaded directly in the game itself, rather than using a third party website or platform, such as NexusMods.

When Does Season 4 End?

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 was originally scheduled to end on November 30th.

This was then changed to December 3rd part way through the season.

Originally the season was due to end on a Sunday, something that has never happened before.

Now it is due to end on a Thursday, the typical day for a new Fortnite season.

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XP Xtravaganza

We still have Week 3 and 4 of XP Xtravaganza to complete, earning that last bit of XP to get those Holo styles for the Battle Pass skins.

Players will fully complete the Battle Pass and unlock all of the styles at level 220.

The challenges have been leaked and you can check out our guides here:

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