Fortnite: Is A Miles Morales Skin Coming Soon?

As Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 4 quickly approaches us, many fans are speculating what the future of the battle royale looks like.

Season 3 has been defined by its massive amount of crossovers and the new season is rumoured to be the same, with Spider-Gwen leaked as the potential final skin for the new battle pass.

So if Spider-Gwen is likely to make her appearance in Season 4... What about Miles Morales? Well here's what we know so far.

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Is Miles Morales Coming to Fortnite?

The report of Miles Morales potentially coming to the Fortnite Item Shop started with the confirmation of Spider-Gwen from the reliable leaker and news source HYPEX alongside German Fortnite leaker MidaRado.

Due to the popularity of Miles Morales as a character through his comics, 2020 video game and incredibly successful Spider-Verse movie alongside Spider-Gwen, it makes perfect sense that he would also be coming to the Item Shop.

The biggest question remains to be what version of Miles Morales will we get. With the character recently becoming more relevant than ever, there is a multitude of ways that Fortnite can go with a Miles Morales skin.

A screenshot from Spider-Man: Miles Morales, potentially coming to Fortnite
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The most obvious path for Fortnite to take would be to follow the Into the Spiderverse movie look of Miles Morales , which has the most massive appeal out of all the different options available, especially with a new movie in the works.

The PS4 design of Miles Morales' outfit could also make for a great reference point, with the spin-off title to 2018s Marvel's Spider-Man also being incredibly popular.

Either of these options would make for an excellent addition to the item shop but Fortnite has been known to make its own versions of characters in the past, especially when it comes to the superhero crossovers, with slight tweaks on their design that aren't found in a popular medium outside of Fortnite.

Whether or not that will happen for Miles Morales has yet to be seen.

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