Fortnite Season 7: How To Upgrade Weapons At Upgrade Benches

With Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 now upon us, there are a whole new set of quest objectives to fulfil.

In particular, one set of objectives had been set by Season 7 Battle Pass character Rick Sanchez, of Rick & Morty fame. In this guide, we’ll show you how to complete the objective of upgrading weapons at weapon upgrade benches.

Fortnite Season 7 rick and morty
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Rick has a mission for you. I wouldn't keep him waiting.

How to Find The Weapon Upgrade Benches in Fortnite

First things first, how to find the upgrade benches. There are 10 spread out across the map in convenient locations meaning not too much chance of having to fight to use them.

For the purpose of this guide, I used the most northern upgrade bench inside a little shack at Craggy Cliffs, right on the beachfront. A lovely view if not for the massive looming UFO overhead!

Fortnite Season 7 Upgrade Bench Locations
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HUNT: The locations of the upgrade benches

The locations for the upgrade benches are varied with some in urban areas while others are placed in quieter locations. Regardless of which location you use, be sure to be quick as you never know if someone is watching you from a distance!

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How To Upgrade Your Weapons At The Upgrade Bench

To use the upgrade benches simply approach and interact with them. It will show you how many gold bars are required to upgrade your currently equipped weapon. This cost increases at the weapon rarity level is increased.

Common and uncommon weapons are quite easy to find in the early stages of the game. Because of this it may be worth saving your upgrades for at least rare weapons. It takes a while to build up a decent amount of gold bars so there's no use in wasting them!

Fortnite Season 7 how to use upgrade bench
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The upgrade bench located at Craggy Cliffs

Remember, your gold bars carry over between matches, so you can land and upgrade straight away to get the competitive edge should you have the gold bars to spare. It’s also worth noting that while gold bars carry over between matches, they will expire between seasons.

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