What are Alien Artifacts in Fortnite

Fortnite Season 7 is just over halfway done and has been adding a loads of new content every week, including a bunch of new challenges for players to work through, and much more.

One of the challenges in question, which can be quite tricky, asks you to collect Alien Artifacts each week, and it'll send you all over the now alien-occupied Island in order to find them all!

Update - Alien Artifacts now marked on the map

As part of the 17.30 update, Alien Artifacts will now be marked on the Fortnite map when you are near to them.

This could take away some of the fun of finding them but as far as we're aware, they'll only be marked when you're in close proximity to aid in finding those in difficult spots.

Alien Artifacts Explained

These Artifacts are easy to spot once you know what they look like. They resemble small purple vials, and they will be found floating in the air in specific locations.

Acquiring an Alien Artifact in Fortnite will give you four Artifact points, which can be redeemed in the store in order to customize Kymera, your alien pal (obviously, also a new feature in Season 7).

Once you have found an Artifact in a location, it will no longer spawn there. You will need to move on to the next location.

Here is where you can find all of the Alien Artifacts in Fortnite Season 7 (Week 1):

Fortnite Season 7 Alien Artefacts
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FOREIGN OBJECTS - Gathering all of the Alien Artefacts will take you all over the Island

All Alien Artifacts Locations in Fortnite Season 7 ( Week 1)

As is always the case with collection-type challenges in Fortnite, expect these locations to be relatively hot at the start of a match.

Thus, it is often better to drop somewhere close by and bide your time, rather than risking the entire match on a quick grab.

  • Here are the locations of the Alien Artifacts in Week 1 of Fortnite Season 7:The first can be found just to the west of Catty Corner. It is on the middle level of the helipad tower and is easily visible from the ground.
  • The second can be found to the northeast of Believer Beach. Follow the coast towards the river, and the Artifact can be found on the stairs of the ruined tower
  • The third is located in the dead centre of the map, at the bottom of the crate where the Spire once stood. This is a particularly high-risk spot at the start of a match.
  • The fourth can be found west of the Weeping Woods, inside a wooden shack located behind the Durr Burger restaurant.
  • The fifth can be found in the front yard of a farm located just a little north of Corny Complex, across the road.

That's all for this week's Alien Artifacts, check back next week for the next round!

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