Fortnite: How to Get Gold Bars and Where to Spend Them

The battle royale action of Epic Games' Fortnite is one where resource gathering is vital. Be it the wood, brick and metal of the building mechanics or even the standard Health, Shields, Ammo and Stamina that all players need to manage.

Among these resources, however, there is another resource much more valuable and one that is often neglected. Gold. Perhaps the most useful resource in all of Fortnite, gold lets you buy helpful items and weapons to secure your victory royale.

Here's how you can get it.

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Collecting Gold in Fortnite

Fortnite Chests are a great way to collect gold.
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There are multiple ways to collect gold bars when playing Fortnite to varying degrees of success but the easiest method that you will likely come across through your gameplay is the opening of chests.

Both regular and rare chests will often drop stacks of gold bars, alongside the more eye-catching weapons so you've likely collected your fair share without even realising it. Getting games where you and your squad come across multiple chests will let your stockpile stack up fast.

A less common but similar way to collect gold is by finding and opening cash registers or destroying couches. You aren't the most likely to come across these in your average game of Fortnite but if you do, be sure to get the gold from them before moving on as they can have quite a bit hidden inside.

Combat in Fortnite is also a great way to gain gold.
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The second-most common way that you'll find yourself earning multiple gold bars when playing Fortnite is by eliminating other players. If a player has gold on them, they will drop a small amount upon being eliminated along with all their items. While a little more difficult than simply opening chests, taking out multiple players in a match will make for a great money-maker.

While on the topic of eliminating players bounties or as they're now known, versus battles, are a great method of earning some quick cash by setting up a 1vs1 battle between you and another player somewhere on the island with the survivor of the two getting a nice reward of gold bars. If you're lucky and your opponent is nearby, you could even take them out and get more gold from them after eliminating them.

Fortnite Reality Saplings are great for
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The final way to get gold right now will likely only be applicable to Fortnite Season 3 as it directly relates to the various reality saplings that can be planted and looted across the map.

The loot found in these reality saplings is usually of high quality but gold will also likely spawn from each fruit that you harvest. It's not a guaranteed drop but getting sizable amounts of gold is fairly common, making the looting of these plants a great way to build up your wallet before going around and spending your newly found wealth.

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