Fortnite: How to Slide Kick

fortnite slide kick

fortnite slide kick

Fortnite Season 4 is a few weeks old and its mechanics are becoming second nature. They're also being added into quests to really test us! That's certainly the case with the slide kick which has been featured in a week one quest worth 20,000 XP.

You don't want to miss out on such an easy win, so here's how to slide kick and dislodge a boulder in Fortnite Season 4.

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How to Slide Kick in Fortnite

Sliding has revolutionised movement in Fortnite along with the sprint and mantling features. Luckily, the slide kick isn't too complicated and just requires you to slide into an object to cause damage.

fortnite slide kick
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In the case of this quest, you need to slide into a boulder to dislodge it. Get a decent little run-up and then slide right into the boulder at any angle. This should set it off rolling away.

You can also try the slide kick on other players as it will deal a little damage ad send them flying backwards. We wouldn't be surprised if this showed up as a quest in a future week!

Where to find Boulders in Fortnite

Fortnite added boulders across the island when the Indiana Jones skin was finally unlocked. There aren't any set locations otherwise the quest would specify them on the map.

fortnite slide kick quest reward
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They can technically be found anywhere, but your best bet is to land at either Shifty Shafts, Reality Tree or Logjam Junction. I've noticed that they can be a little easier to find in these locations. They are also typically on a hill which should allow you to send a boulder into the POI with a slide kick and cause some damage.

Either way, they're not exactly rare and you should come across one naturally within the space of a few matches.

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