Fortnite Guide: How To Catch A Weapon At Stack Shack - Full Guide, Rewards, and More!

Seasoned Fortnite players are well aware of the weekly challenges that get updated each week.

This has always been one of the best aspects of Fortnite, especially for the casual fanbase.

Albeit these challenges can prove tricky at times, including the most recent one added to the mix.

Let's go fishing!

Stack Shack?

The challenge itself is tasking you with fishing a weapon at a location called Stack Shack.

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Upon first glance you may have no idea where this Stack Shack is located, but do not fear, we have you covered.

The Stack Shack is a small 'shack' located on the western side of the map; you may have seen this before, but did not know what it was called.

Check it out on the interactive Fortnite map thanks to LootLake.Info.

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SMALL - A nice, quiet little shack!

How To Catch A Weapon

Now that you have found the Shack, you may be wondering how to go about catching a weapon.

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After all you are probably used to catching Floppers and Slurp Fish, not weapons.

However, you may remember that those fishing holes around the map can often give you weapons rather than fish.

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HALFWAY - We are almost done this season!

So, all you have to do is just find some fishing holes around the Shack and get fishing! Eventually, you will catch a weapon.


As with all of the challenges this season, players will be rewarded with 35,000 XP!

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