Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4: How To Deal Damage With A Gatherers Remains

The next set of weekly challenges has finally arrived.

This means even more ways to earn XP and rank up that battle pass!

A new challenge for week four has players experimenting with new combat methods.

Here's a tip!


The new Gatherers are drones sent by Galactus, which are bound to disrupt the Fortnite map.

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As of now we do not know the spawn points for these; so we can assume it is random.

The Gatherers spawn from the other robots called Gorgers; and they are quite strong.


Once you are in the middle of defeating the Gatherers for the other challenge, you will notice you can pick up parts of them.

You will need to deal 10,000 damage with one of these so make sure you pick one up as soon as possible!

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