Are the Resident Evil Skins returning to Fortnite?

jill valentine and chris redfield as seen in fortnite

Fortnitemares is one of the most exciting times of the year for Fortnite players as it typically brings us some of the best crossover skins in the game. In 2021, Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield from Resident Evil were added to the game and both received multiple variations of their outfit and it proved to be a very popular set.

We all know that very few skins exit the Fortnite Item Store and never come back, so, when can we expect the Resident Evil skins to return? Here's what we know right now.

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Are the Resident Evil Skins returning to Fortnite?

The Resident Evil skins have already returned to Fortnite at least once in 2022 but it was quite the random showing back in April.

fortnite resident evil s.t.a.r.s bundle
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With Fortnitemares underway, now seems like the perfect time for them to reappear once more. The event will only run until Tuesday, 1 November so there isn't much time for them to get a features slot, but it's expected that the Resident Evil skins will return even just as a daily option very soon.

Is the S.T.A.R.S bundle worth the cost?

This is a question that entirely depends on how much you want the Resident Evil skins in Fortnite. I personally love the individual skins and loading screen but could quite happily never use the back bling or harvesting tools.

You may also prefer to just purchase one of the skins because of your character preference and you can save a few V-Bucks by doing this.

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