Football Manager 2023 Predicts the Premier League in 1,000 YEARS

Premier League 1,000 year simulation

Premier League 1,000 year simulation

Football Manager 2023 has supplied plenty of moments of magic, but this Premier League simulation may just be the best yet.

YouTuber DoctorBenjyFM has once again simulated 1,000 years into the future and has revealed some remarkable results.

See if you can find your team in this Football Manager Premier League simulation.

1,000 Year Simulation

Simulating into the future in Football Manager has always provided some fascinating results, but this century sim may just be the best yet.

Not only do we have new Premier League champions, but a true mainstay of the division has also fallen away and look likely to never return.

Premier League Champions

It's good news if you're a QPR fan as the Hoops are the Premier League champions in 3022.

Beating London rivals Chelsea and Crystal Palace to the title, QPR are a shock name on top of the division.

Usual suspects such as Arsenal, Tottenham, Manchester United and Liverpool remain in the top 10 after 1,000 years, proving that dominance isn't just periodic.

Football Manager 2023 Premier League simulation DoctorBenjyFM
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TABLE TOPPERS - QPR are the new champions in this simulation

There are a number of surprising sides now plying their trade in the Premier League, with AFC Telford, Slough, Barnet and Spennymoor in the top flight, although the latter has just been relegated.

Another major change to note is that the Premier League's reputation has dropped drastically, with the Eredivise and Swedish top-flight overtaking them as the Premier League falls out of the top 20 leagues in the world!

A Missing Piece

One name so far omitted is Manchester City, with the Citizens' recent success all they have to cling onto.

Enjoy it whilst it lasts City fans, because if this simulation is to be believed, you'll be in the ninth tier of English football and will have been placed into administration about 200 times.

We're not kidding, the full video details the dramatic decline of Man City, with the Manchester club clearly feeling the full effects of a Pep and Haaland double departure.

Much like Man City, mega club Leeds will also drop dramatically according to Football Manager 2023.

In the National League with a 100,000 seater stadium, the Leeds fans may well have decided to march together to watch a completely different team.

Simulation Madness

The little nuggets of information we've supplied here are just a taster for the madness that occurs in this simulation.

From fallen giants to shocking Champions League wins, the full video has some shocking and just downright hilarious results to show.

Be sure to check out the video by clicking here and check out DoctorBenjyFM's YouTube channel.

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