Football Manager 2022: MAJOR Milestone Reached by Players

Football Manager 2022 has proven itself to be one of the most immersive editions in the franchise, with FM23 set to take things to another level.

With the hype starting to build around the new game, we want to take a look at a major milestone that has been achieved in Football Manager 2022.

In what has been a record-breaking year for FM, gaffers around the world are set to be pretty pleased with themselves after they see this stat.

1 Billion Goals

SI Gaffer Miles Jacobson has taken to Twitter to confirm year another major milestone reached by Football Manager 2022 players.

1 Billion Goals have now been scored by players across millions of saves, with Erling Haaland and Mbappe probably scoring 900 million, if our saves are anything to go by.

This number is mightily impressive when you consider that it comes from a sub-section of roughly 1.5 million players, meaning there's been plenty of goals scored in FM saves this year.

Not much can be said for FM defenders, but it clearly showcases the ever-growing tactical nouse of the blossoming FM community.

Record Breaking Year

Back in December 2021, SI head Miles took to Twitter to announce some brand new stats relating to Football Manager 2022, with records being broken across all formats.

Jacobson revealed that a total of 1.5 million players have started their managerial careers in FM22, with 120 million matches already simulated in less than 3 months.

With 2 million seasons completed and 4.2 million trophies won, Football Manager 2022 players have been lapping up success, with new features like the Data Hub going a long way to aid success in the world of virtual management.

It hasn't been all bells and whistles, however, with 42,000 Football Manager 2022 players facing the dreaded managerial chop, with Jacobson revealing that some unlucky players have also contributed to that stat on multiple occasions.

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