Football Manager 2021: Role Descriptions receive MASSIVE update - Tactics, Animations, Setup & more

With the incredible amount of new features heading to the title, there is no doubt that Football Manager 21 has everything in place to be the best release yet.

The latest upgrade to be teased over on social media is the upgrades to your role descriptions.

Here is what we know.

The fans get what they want!

If there's one thing that we've learnt over the years, it's that Football Manager is a title for the people!

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They really do care deeply about what changes the fans want to see in their titles.

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Mile Jacobson acknowledged the fans outcry for improved role descriptions and delivered exactly that!

New animations for every role

Role descriptions in FM can be pretty tricky to understand, even for you Football Manager veterans.

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Well, that is no longer an issue in FM 21, as each and every role now has an animated image supporting it in order to allow you to know exactly what you're asking of your players.

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From Winger to Advanced Playmaker to Inside Forward to Trequarista, there are plenty of options available for your wide attacking midfielders, but it'll no longer be a game of guess work as you can now see exactly what they are intending to do.

Plenty of additions still to come

We are now less than a month away from the release of FM 21, yet there is no sign of the changes slowing down!

The new role animations are just one of a plethora of new features that have been confirmed as being added to the Football Manager title, with no suggestion that Football Manager are content just yet.

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GOALKEEPER DESCRIPTIONS! New GK descriptions is just one of the new features heading to FM

Studio Director Miles Jacobson - who broke the news of the new role descriptions on his official Twitter account - is one of the best in the business for interacting with fans.

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