Football Manager 2021: New FM 21 Gameplay Features Revealed - Interactions, Stats, Celebrations & more

Football Manager 2021 is set to be a massive upgrade, with plenty of new gameplay features coming.

After announcing an initial round of gameplay features, we now have an entirely new set of Football Manager 21 features that may not be as big, but are still game changers.

Let's go over the newest announcements.

New Football Manager 2021 Features

The latest round of new Football Manager 2021 features could be seen as minor in comparison to the first round of reveals - but they're amazing inclusions that players will love to see!

Football Manager 21 recruitment meetings
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STRATEGY: New FM 21 features massively expand the game on and off the pitch

After all, it's the small things that longtime players will really notice.

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With this in mind, let's get started.

Penalty Warnings

We all know the pain of having a star player sitting on a yellow card and playing all too dangerously in Football Manager.

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KEEP YOUR HEAD ABOUT YOU: New warnings will keep players in-check around suspensions

These players teeter on the edge, risking a future suspension for a short-time gain that is almost never worth it.

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Thanks to a new feature in Football Manager 2021, you'll be able to advise players before matches to change their play to avoid facing suspensions or bans.

Personal Celebrations

Football Manager 2021 sees many players switch uniforms over the years, and sometimes these players face off against their former teams.

Football Manager 21 FM 21 New Features Gameplay
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REVENGE: New personal celebrations might push a former player to showboating

If you run into this situation in FM 21, you'll find an awesome new feature - personalized celebrations.

For players that score against former teams, depending on their personality, you can expect some different outcomes. For more friendly and reserved players, you might not see any celebration at all out of respect. But for bolder players, you'll see unique celebrations that just might rub things in a little harder.

New Stats

The Football Manager series is all about stats, and utilizing them to create the best team. Some new stats are coming in Football Manager 2021 that will add a lot more detailed understanding of player performance.

This new stat will be player goals, assists, and rating in specific positions.

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If you have a player that floats between a few positions on the pitch, this new feature will give you stats on their performances across the roles.

Career Milestone Interactions

A new Football Manager 2021 interaction option will allow you to interact with players ahead of big milestone matches.

FM 21 features new gestures dialogue
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GESTURES: FM 21 includes gestures to add more personalization

If it's your star player's 100th performance for the team, you can expect some new pre-game interactions that can help them along to a great showing.

Social Feed Chaos

We all know social media isn't exactly the most normal, especially around football.

For FM 21, a new feature will expand social feeds to also include more realistic fan messages.

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This includes fan-drive trade speculation whether it makes sense or not.

Contract Negotiation Control

Deadline contract negotiations can be massively stressful in the Football Manager series.

FM 21 as agent new feature
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FSPEED IT UP: Deadline negotiations have more options in FM 21 for better control

To combat this in FM 21, players will have the option to rush others contract negotiations in order to beat important deadlines that might kill a deal before it starts.

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