Football Manager 2021: Six New Features GUARANTEED to make your job easier - Squad, Objectives, Transfers & more

Football Manager is officially less than a month away!

The release date for the infamous football sim had been delayed due to issues caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, but with these new features, we're sure it'll have been worth the wait!

Definition to Defensive Width

The first of the new features that have been revealed over on the official Football Manager Twitter account.

You will be able to decide exactly how wide you want your defence to set up.

Definition to Defensive Width
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You can opt to allow the opposition space out wide in favour of defending the centre of your box, or vice versa if you want to prevent those deadeye wingers from getting a sight at goal!

New Squad View

Another area which has seen changes is within your squad view.

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You'll now be able to clearly see the playing time of each member of your squad in order to help you fine-tune their development.

Promised a young talent more playing time? Well now you'll be able to see whether you've stuck to your word!

Goalkeeper Descriptions

One area which may be somewhat overlooked when it comes to your squad is the man between the sticks!

Well, not anymore. FM have added a whole bunch of media descriptions to the goalkeeper slot in order to add a new layer of detail to that last line of defence.

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You'll now be able to clearly see the potential of any young keepers you're scouting. Making your life in the transfer market that much easier.

Fast track your star signings

Got a new signing that you want to throw in at the deep end? Well now you can.

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In the latest Football Manager offering, you will be able to instantly assign training focuses, new trait discussions and set-piece duties, all as part of the negotiation process.

That'll save you some time for sure.

New Objectives

Again, in keeping with the real-life feel of the Football Manager title, there has been a range of new Club Vision objectives added.

These objectives will be unique from club-to-club, so don't expect to be tasked with the same objectives should you move on from your current post.

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And don't think they will all hard work. One of the confirmed objectives is to spend as much of your transfer budget as possible.

So you best get scouting!

Penalty Pressure

There's nothing worse than a penalty shootout.

Picking the five men tasked with firing you to victory is a task in itself. Well, in FM 21, that almighty task just got a little easier.

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Before you enter a shootout you'll be able to see your player's body language, which will allow you to see who's up for the challenge of taking one of those all important spot kicks!

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