FM21: Managers & NewGens look better than ever before

The graphics in Football Manager have come a long way over the years.

And, in FM 21, they have improved even more!

NewGens and Managers look better than ever thanks to a series of improvements including new hair, improved face customisation and a new reflective eye shader.

Here is what we know.

Improvements Galore!

The team at FM have prided themselves on ensuring that their graphics game improves year upon year.

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This year there will be more improvements than ever before. The team are aiming to ensure that they "continually improve the visual fidelity of our characters year on year, release on release"

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They will start that quest this year, and they've added a whole bunch of improvements to get us going.

  • A new three-point lighting solution
  • New hair models with new hair shader
  • Improved normal maps
  • Improved facial customisation rig now calibrated to more realistic human targets
  • New reflective eye shader

These new changes will make significant enhancements to the facial features of both NewGens and Managers in FM 21.


Do you want your in-game manager to look exactly like you?

Well the new FaceGen features will help to ensure that your manager resembles you better than ever before.

Facegen 1
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As we have seen in past FM titles, you can opt to create your face from scratch by working through each and every feature, or you can scan your face through your PC's webcam.

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The team at Sports Interactive have declared that this is the "most accurate and high-quality scanning that FM has ever seen."

Only time will tell whether that proves to be the case, but it's exciting nonetheless.

Three Point Lighting System

Breaking down some of these new features further, FM has added the new three-point lighting system in order to "present the character the best way possible".

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This new lighting system aims to ensure that the personnel in-game look more lifelike than ever before by adding a backlight, a fill light and a key light.

This enhances each and every little feature in the in-game personnel in order to ensure they look better than ever.


More details about the upgrades to Managers and NewGen Models can be found over on FMFC.

You can access the site here.

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