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16 Sep 2020

Football Manager 2021: Become a NewGen Player in FM!

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Become a NewGen Player

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What is a NewGen Player?

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All for a good cause

The official Sports Interactive Twitter has just revealed a unique product that they've listed for bidding on eBay!

The winner of the charity auction will become a NewGen player on Football Manager - keep reading to find out more.

Become a NewGen Player

If you've always dreamed of being an official player on Football Manager then now is your time!

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LIVING THE DREAM: Become a NewGen player in Football Manager!

Sports Interactive's twitter has revealed a brand new charity auction on eBay in which you can bid to become a NewGen player on the game.

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PRETTY PENNY: The bid is currently at £510 at time of writing

However, if you're hoping to claim this unique prize, it may set you back a few pennies as the bid at the time of writing is currently at £510!

Check out the auction here to see how high the price has rised.

What is a NewGen Player?

At the start of each new FM career each squad is populated with real-world players.

But as the season go by and real players retire, their places are taken by fictional replacements, otherwise known as NewGens.

This is exactly what you would enter into the game as were you to win the prize.

Your very own NewGen will be made up of a wealth of authentic biographical information including name, date of birth, weight, height, nationality, position, favoured foot and favourite club.

All for a good cause

The proceeds of the auction will go to SpecialEffect, a UK based charity which uses video games and technology to enhance the quality of life of people with disabilities.

So if it's always been your dream to sign yourself in FM, why not fork out to fulfil it, whilst helping out a great clause!

Head here to find out more about SpecialEffect and maybe donate a more reasonable amount if you can't afford the FM mega prize.