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Football Manager 2020 Tactics: Best formations, styles, & instructions to use in FM20

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Since there is no real football on and we can't go to the pub, everyone is playing a lot more Football Manager 2020!

The game is currently available for free on Steam for a limited time too, so there are even more armchair managers out there.

While taking up the managerial reins may seem like a daunting task, FM20 is one of the most rewarding and engrossing games out there right now, and easier to master than Call of Duty Warzone!

The first thing each manager will need to do is come up with a tactical style, which is where we come in.

These are the best tactics to use in Football Manager 2020.

The best tactics in Football Manager 2020

Given that most FM20 players take over one of the European giants, or at least a team toward the top of their respective leagues this piece will focus on tactics appropriate for games where you are on equal or superior footing to your opponent.

Vertical Tiki-Taka 4-1-4-1 DM Wide

This might seem like an oddly defensive tactic to use, but it provides an excellent framework for creative players to work their magic and is especially good if you have fast, attacking full backs.

fm20 tactics vertical tiki taka 4 1 4 1 dm wide
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A CLASSIC: This 4-3-3 variation has long been gold in FM

As you can see, FM20 automatically gives you a sweeper keeper and one full back set to attack.

Along with that you get a regista at the DM spot, and two CMs with the mezzala and box-to-box midfielder roles.

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The regista can be a tricky role as few players are natural at it. That can easily be changed to a deep-lying playmaker to make your DMs more comfortable.

The forward trio are set to IW, IF, and DLF. The two wide men should be more than happy, but a change at striker to complete forward or at least advanced forward is usually needed.

This formation really allows you to overlap your full backs to create width, while your wingers cut in and disrupt the centre backs. That leaves holes for midfield runners and your striker to do damage.

Clean Slate 4-2-3-1 Wide

fm 20 tactics clean slate 4 2 3 1 wide
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YOUR CHOICE: Without presets you don't have to worry about conflicting ideas

The 4-2-3-1 Wide is another classic option for FM players, but it can get confused with too many instructions from other tactical styles and leave holes around the pitch.

As a result, using the clean slate approach here allows you full control over the actions of your players.

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This attacking formation is for games where you will be in total control. The AMC should be set to advanced playmaker, with the two CMs as deep-lying playmaker and box-to-box midfielder.

Again, overlaps from fullbacks and IF or IW instructions for your wide forwards is the name of the game.

Gegenpress 5-2-1-2 WB

fm20 tactics gegenpress 5 2 1 2
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NO WINGERS? No problem!

Not every team is blessed with amazing wingers, which makes the first two tactics a problem. That's where our third option comes in!

You'll need some depth at centre back to pull off this 5-2-1-2, but it can overwhelm the middle of the field and cause all kinds of issues for a standard back four.

The two wing backs can be set to attack or support depending on your opponent, while the BBM & CM midfielder pull ferry the ball to your front three while the gegenpress system ensures a quick response when you lose possession.

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