Football Manager 2020 wonderkids: All the best right midfielders (MR) and right wingers (AMR) to sign - Vignato, Nelson, & more

Football Manager 2020 has been out for over 2 weeks and some players are already deep into their saves.

Taking your favourite club or country to the very pinnacle of world football can be a long and arduous road, which means finding the very best wonderkids is a crucial part of your vision.

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A position that is typically tough and expensive to fill is the right midfield or winger spot.

With the number of tactics that involve inside forwards or inverted wingers there has been an influx of quality left-sided players while the right is far more barren. If you can bring a teenage superstar to your squad then you can solve that position for the next 15 years.

How to choose the best wonderkid right midfielders & wingers on Football Manager 2020

To qualify for this list, these players have to been aged 19 or younger when you start your save (June 2019) with a maximum 20 positional score at either the right midfield or right attacking midfield spot.

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We aren't after players that could walk into the Barcelona squad immediately, so current ability is not an issue. Instead, we want those with the highest possible potential ability, be that fixed or a range.

Star ratings only reflect how good a player is, or could be, in relation to your squad. So if you want total accuracy in your scouting you need those vital CA & PA stats.

Emanuel Vignato (CA 109 - PA 150-180)

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Age: 18

Position(s): AM (RC)

Club: Chievo

Country: Italy

Best Attributes: 17 flair, 14 technique, 14 agility

Value: £625,000

Wage: £1,500 a week

Top of the list is Chievo's wonderkid Emanuel Vignato. He's hardly a household name, but Vignato is already a key piece of Chievo's bid to return to Serie A and has been a star for Italy's U18 side.

His starting stats don't leap off the page, but with 17 flair and 14 technique he can already be a force on the right side. His potential ability range of 150-180 shows he can become one of the very best in the world if developed correctly.

Reiss Nelson (CA 135 - PA 160)

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Age: 19

Position(s): AM (RL), M (RL)

Club: Arsenal

Country: England

Best Attributes: 16 pace, 15 dribbling, 15 flair

Value: £20 million

Wage: £40,000 a week

Next up is one of Arsenal's young stars. The Gunners are well armed with teenage wingers, and Reiss Nelson is their best on the right. He's back in London after a successful loan spell with Hoffenheim last season and has already progressed to England's U21 side.

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In FM20 Nelson brings strong 16 pace and 15 acceleration to the right, along with 15 dribbling and 15 technique, making him a useful player almost anywhere straight away. Nelson's 160 fixed PA isn't massive, but if you can get him near that he will be an extremely good player at almost any club in the world.

Antony (CA 129 - PA 140-170)

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Age: 19

Position(s): AM (R), ST

Club: SPO

Country: Brazil

Best Attributes: 16 technique, 16 dribbling, 15 first touch

Value: £5.25 million

Wage: £9,000 a week

It is no surprise to see a Brazilian on this list. Antony is yet to make a big-money move across to Europe like his left wing counterparts Vinicius Junior and Rodrygo, but that moment is surely coming given his recent strong play for Sao Paulo and Brazil's U23 team.

With a value of £5.25 million you'd think he would be relatively available, but SPO will want upward of £30 million for his services. With 16 dribbling, 16 technique, and a high 140-170 PA range he could be a superstar for your team.

Dejan Kulusevski (CA 124 - PA 140-170)

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Age: 19

Position(s): AM (RC), M (C)

Club: Parma (On loan from Atalanta)

Country: Sweden

Best Attributes: 15 determination, 14 pace, 14 passing

Value: 3.1 million

Wage: £7,750 a week

The Swedish teenager has been at Atalanta since 2016 and is spending this season on loan at Parma, but he has already received his first senior cap for his country and netted three Serie A goals to date, putting him on the radar of some of the biggest clubs in Europe.

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Kulusevski's FM20 stats aren't amazing, not yet at least. He has 15 determination which is always good to see, and is also a natural at central midfield making him a useful piece of any squad. His high PA range of 140-170 makes him a potential star, while his well-balanced physical stats like 14 pace and 13 strength make him a tough assignment for full backs.

Ferran Torres (CA 123 - PA 140-170)

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Age: 19

Positon(s): AM (R), M (R)

Club: Valencia

Country: Spain

Best Attributes: 15 acceleration, 15 pace, 14 dribbling

Value: £2.4 million

Wage: £8,000 a week

Ferran Torres is a well-known name to seasoned FM players, but can slide under the radar for many. The Valencia winger has been part of their first team squad since 2017 and is starting to make a big impact with the Spanish national setup.

In FM20 Torres already has nice speed on the wing with 15 pace and 15 acceleration, but he is more than just that. With 14 dribbling, 13 crossing, and 13 passing he can push the ball around the field too. As another with a strong 140-170 PA range he can do damage for any side.

Tete (CA 122 - PA 140-170)

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Age: 19

Position(s): AM (R), M (R)

Club: Shaktar Donetsk

Country: Brazil

Best Attributes: 15 pace, 15 flair, 15 dribbling

Value: £5 million

Wage: £8,000 a week

Another Brazilian. Like many before him, Tete made the move from Brazil to eastern Europe to bring some flair to the Ukrainian Shaktar Donetsk side. He has made an immediate impact for them, scoring 4 times in 10 games.

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Tete bring a lot of solid stats to FM20, with 15 pace & acceleration, as well as 15 dribbling, technique, and flair. His 122 CA makes him a nice buy right away, but you can also let him mature a little at Shaktar if you don't have space for him just yet so that he hits the top of his 140-170 PA range.

Manor Solomon (CA 117 - PA 140-170)

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Age: 19

Position(s): AM (R)

Club: Shaktar Donetsk

Country: Israel

Best Attributes: 16 dribbling, 15 flair, 15 technique

Value: £6 million

Wage: £6,250 a week

Another Shaktar wonderkid! Like Tete, Solomon has made a recent move to Shaktar and is making an impact at his new club. He's also already made his senior international debut, with six caps to his name so far.

Solomon doesn't have the electric pace of Tete, but with 16 dribbling, 15 technique, and 15 flair he can be highly creative. His 140-170 PA range makes him a strong option if you aren't looking for a blazingly fast winger.

Harvey Elliott (CA 104 - PA 140-170)

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Age: 16

Position(s): AM (RL)

Club: Liverpool

Country: England

Best Attributes: 19 determination, 14 technique, 14 anticipation

At 16, Harvey Elliott is just a baby compared to others on this list. He joined Liverpool from Fulham in July, but also received some interest from Arsenal and Man City.

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The 16-year-old brings an incredible 19 determination to the table immediately in FM20, but given his youth a lack of other stats is to be expected. He does have 14 technique and 14 anticipation, but so much of his game needs work that even with his 140-170 PA range he is one for the far future.

Felix Correia (CA 100 - PA 140-170)

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Age: 18

Position(s): AM (RC)

Club: AZ (On loan from Man City)

Country: Portugal

Best Attributes: 16 flair, 15 dribbling, 15 acceleration

Value: £600,000

Wage: £2,500 a week

Felix Correia made his way up through the Sporting youth system before he was snapped up by Manchester City in 2019 and immediately loaned out to AZ to continue his seasoning.

Correia brings a few good stats to FM20, with 16 flair and 15 dribbling. However he is also lacking some crucial things. His 9 passing and 8 finishing shows he still needs a lot of work, so even if you do bring him in mirroring City's loan approach is a good idea.

Karamoko Dembele (CA 97 - PA 140-170)

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Age: 16

Position(s): AM (R), M (R)

Club: Celtic

Country: England

Best Attributes: 15 determination, 14 agility, 13 dribbling

Value: £2.5 million

Wage: £800 a week

Another 16 year old, Karamoko Dembele has been in the media spotlight for a while, having cracked the Celtic U20 side in 2016 when he was just 13.

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Despite his young age, Dembele has a few notable stats, with 15 determination, 14 agility, and 13 dribbling, however his CA of 97 shows just how unseasoned he is. Even with his 140-170 PA range it will be some time before Dembele is making a mark at the highest level.

All the best wonderkid right midfielders (MR) and right wingers (AMR)

Emanuel Vignato
Reiss Nelson
AM (LR), M (R)
Dejan Kulusevski
AM (LRC), M (C)
Parma (on loan from Atalanta)
Ferran Torres
AM (R), M (R)
AM (R), M (R)
Manor Solomon
AM (R)
Harvey Elliott
Félix Correia
AZ (on loan from Man City)
Karamoko Dembélé
AM (R)
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