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FM22 Nintendo Switch: Everything we know about this year's portable edition

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FM22 is just around the corner, and it's time to get ready for another season of handheld fun on the Nintendo Switch.

FM22 Nintendo Switch

FM22 on the Nintendo Switch WON'T be launching alongside the standard version and Xbox version.

Following the success of the previous games, SI has announced that FM22 Touch will be coming EXCLUSIVELY to the Nintendo Switch.

FM22 Switch Release Date

Currently, there is very little information regarding FM22 on the Nintendo Switch, with a release date remaining a mystery.


What new features will FM22 Switch include?

We expect FM22 Switch to include a number of new streamlined features, aligning with the headline announcements from the standard version.

Similar to its Xbox counterpart, FM22 Switch will be a faster-paced version of the game for fans that wish for a quicker simulation.


FM22 Switch will include many of the features commonly found in FM Touch, with the stripped-back version of the game appearing exclusively on the Nintendo console.


From new skins to an improved match engine, FM22 Switch will allow you to have the best players at your fingertips, giving you the chance to lead your team to glory.

FM22 Switch promises to build on the success of previous iterations, improving graphics, aesthetics, and the authenticity of the game.

The FM22 developers have placed a keen emphasis on immersion, and this year's game promises to thrust you into the hot seat like never before.

What are the differences between FM Mobile and FM Switch?

Whilst both games allow you to control your club from the comfort of your sofa, FM22 Switch includes more developed features compared to FM Mobile.

KEEP IT REAL - FM22 Switch will feature an improved 3D matchday engine
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KEEP IT REAL - FM22 Switch will feature an improved 3D matchday engine

The inclusion of a 3D match engine is a bonus for many players, with the Switch version also offering more in-depth menus and tactical options.

Acting as a faster alternative to the standard version, FM22 Switch is sure to keep you glued to the drama of being a football manager.


FM22 Switch Price & Pre-Order

Once again, there is very little information regarding the price of FM22 Switch.

Last year's instalment of the game retailed at £21.99, and we'd expect a similar figure for this year's game.

Whilst pre-order information is currently unavailable, we are expecting SI to make some announcements very soon. Be sure to check back for regular updates.

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