FM22 Mobile: EVERYTHING you need to know about this year's handheld version

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FM22 Mobile has arrived, which means it's time to load up your phone and get started on another rollercoaster season of ups and downs.

Check below for everything you need to know about this year's handheld version of Football Manager 2022, including all the latest on the brand new content update.

LATEST - Final Update Available NOW

The FM22 Mobile final content update has arrived, with major changes being made across the board.

Here's a list of everything that's been changed in this final update.

Changelist 13.3.0 includes (but not limited to)
- Data Updates including Transfer Windows closing end of February
- Stability and crash fixes
- Fixed issue where user was unable to respond to news item due to club move
- Fixed player removed wrongly from shortlist after bid
- Fixed issue where unlicensed team logos appeared black when viewing back match
- Improved Newgen system to ensure smaller nations not left with too few players
- Multiple gameplay and database changes to reflect the current geopolitical situation as documented in Miles’s blog

Play NOW

Sports Interactive has finally launched Football Manager 2022, meaning players on all devices can get started at their new clubs.

Jump in NOW to start your new career and test out some of the brand new features arriving on FM22 Mobile.

Apple App Store: ‎Football Manager 2022 Mobile on the App Store (

Google Play Store: Football Manager 2022 Mobile Google Play Store

FM22 Mobile MAJOR Update

SI has announced a brand new update for FM22 Mobile, with major changes being made across the board.

Here's a full list of everything included in the new update:

-Updated some data
-Updated some translations
-Tweaks to title challenge narratives
-Some fixes to improve match reliability
-Fixed Korean date format in match screens
-Give key players more chances to play even if their form is initially bad at a club
-Fixed issue where player was duplicated on home menu medical centre
-Fixed some issues with clause calculations
-Made some improvements to contract negotiations
-Fixed some club/kit colour issues
-Encouraged assistant to loan out more players
-Fixed Club World Championship
-Toned down tendency of big clubs to overspend
-Various rare crash fixes
-Various user interface tweaks

New Features Breakdown

Sports Interactive has finally announced some brand new features coming to this year's game. Check below for a full breakdown.

More Playable Nations

FM22 Mobile will give you a bigger and better experience, allowing you to load five nations at the same time, an increase on previous instalments.

South Africa has also been added as a playable nation, giving fans the chance to win league titles across the world.

Scouting and Transfer Overhaul

FM22 Mobile will introduce a brand new scouting system that will bring major features like scouting assignments into this year's handheld edition.

The brand new scouting assignment system will be easy to use and follow, offering fans a more refined scouting experience.

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SCOUT THEM OUT - A brand new scouting system is coming to FM22

Opposition reports have also been improved, with statistical comparisons and opposition style being included to give you a better understanding of your rivals.

The transfer window will also see a major overhaul, with clubs making more realistic moves and AI agents/clubs negotiating more rigidly.

Medical Centre

One of the biggest additions to FM22 Mobile is the medical centre, giving managers the chance to assess their squad's injury list.

You can use the information provided in the medical centre to plan ahead, both in terms of training and matchdays,

The medical centre will inform you of fitness levels and injury risk, meaning it's more important than ever to balance the workload at your club.

Media and New Faces

As with the standard edition of the game, immersion has been the buzzword for FM22.

in FM22 Mobile, the media will play a major role in your journey, constantly commenting on your club's form and your overall managerial performance.

LOOKING FRESH - Newgen faces will arrive in FM22 Mobile
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LOOKING FRESH - Newgen faces will arrive in FM22 Mobile

FM22 Mobile will also improve the wonderkid experience, adding generated faces to newgen profiles for the very first time.

Click here for a full list of the new features announced.

FM22 Mobile

Football Manager has returne, launching alongside the standard and Xbox version.

The pocket-sized managerial experience will once again be available for iOS and Android users.

FM22 Mobile Release Date

FM22 Mobile will be available to purchase from the Goole Play and App Store from Tuesday, 9 November.

What new features will FM22 Mobile include?

We expect FM22 Mobile to introduce many of the new data-driven features that are included in FM22's standard version.

FM22 Mobile will feature a new skin, as well as improvements made to the game's 2D match engine.

FM22 Mobile allows you to have the world's best players in your pocket, with tactical innovations and a fast-paced match experience retaining your immersion.

FM Mobile also boasts an impressive 24 playable nations, giving you the choice of domestic or world domination.

You have will the choice to put your feet up on a matchday and watch the gameplay, or simply simulate through in the hope of grabbing those all-important three points.

FM22 Mobile promises to build upon its predecessors, with full details of new features set to be released soon.

What are the differences between FM Mobile and FM Touch?

FM22 Mobile is an action-packed football simulation that fits neatly in your pocket, but FM22 Touch will represent a more streamlined approach.

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AT YOUR FINGER TIPS - FM22 Mobile may not have all the features but does let you play on the move

Available on the Nintendo Switch, FM22 Touch will feature a 3D match engine, as well as many other features that will be included in the game's standard release.

However, it is billed as a speedier simulation, with FM22 Mobile standing alone as the best pocket-sized managerial simulation on the market.

FM22 Mobile Price & Pre-Order

Currently, there is no official price for FM22 Mobile, but we expect it to remain close to FM21's price of £8.99.

There is also no set date for pre-orders, but SI has confirmed that pre-downloads will be available from the Google Play and App Store from mid-October.

Rest assured, the addictive managerial rollercoaster is coming to your mobiles very, very soon.

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